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Quote1.png Uh-mister-er- Ka-Zar, sir? Could you-uh-keep-from-uh-ripping-your-uh-shirt-off! It's-er-upsetting the other passengers -ah-er... Quote2.png
—Unnamed Flight Attendant

Appearing in "The Final Battle!"

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Synopsis for "The Final Battle!"

The revived Victorius engages Ka-Zar in a desperate struggle. He's unmasked while grappling, revealing his advanced age and the reason for his drive to reclaim his physical superiority. Victorius manages to knock Ka-Zar out and prepares to execute him.

Meanwhile, Bobbi takes out the AIM guards outside the fortress, reclaiming the vial of Super-Soldier Serum. She runs into Zabu, who tracked his brother from the city, and together they return to the fortress to make sure Ka-Zar is okay. On their way in, Zabu takes out Plunderer just as he's waking up from Ka-Zar's earlier beating. They cross Gemini's path as well, but he manages to avoid conflict and slip away to resume his Damian Link identity back in town before ending his possession, returning his mind to the body of Josh Link in prison. Zabu finds Victorius and Bobbi throws the Serum to Ka-Zar as he wakes up, but Victorius uses a knockout gas-spewing lance to incapacitate the lady and the tiger. Once more Ka-Zar rejects the serum, throwing it into a nearby brazier, destroying it. Despite Victorius believing he now has the upper hand, Ka-Zar defeats him through sheer force of will, ultimately throwing his body out the window, where it disappears under the moat around the fortress.

Afterwards, Dr. Calvin refuses to make more of her Super-Soldier Serum, much to Nick Fury's chagrin. Finally, Ka-Zar and Zabu get on a plane to return home, but not before Ka-Zar and Bobbi share a farewell kiss.


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