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'''Supporting Characters:'''
'''Supporting Characters:'''
* <br/>
* <br/>
'''Featured Antagonists:'''
* unknown sniper
* unknown sniper
* {{a|[[Simon Ryker (Earth-7484)|Major Simon Ryker]]}}
* {{a|[[Simon Ryker (Earth-7484)|Major Simon Ryker]]}}

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Appearing in "The Enemy: Us!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Featured Antagonists:

Other Characters:




  • Deathlok's Helicopter

Synopsis for "The Enemy: Us!"

During his original escape from Ryker's facility, Deathlok found and took along his old war buddy, Mike Travers, but Mike was quickly recaptured by Ryker's men. Deathlok seeks out the abductors to find out where they've taken Mike, which leads him to the Statue of Liberty. Inside, Ryker greets Deathlok and shows him what has become of his friend, introducing him to his newest cyborg creation, War-Wolf.


  • Plot by Moench and Buckler, script by Moench.

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