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  • Deathlok's Helicopter

Synopsis for "Dead Reckoning!"

Ryker has his cyborg, War-Wolf attack Deathlok, who is reluctant to fight back because Ryker said that was what became of Luther Manning's friend, Mike. Believing that Mike is merely trapped by his cyborg programming like he used to be, Deathlok is determined not to take away his chance to break free as well. When Deathlok becomes critically injured, Ryker takes the moment to mock him by revealing that Mike is actually dead. With no reason to hold back, Deathlok revives and grapples War-Wolf outside the statue and destroys him. While Ryker is disappointed that his creation failed to win, he's satisfied by the knowledge that Deathlok fell for his lie. Mike is still alive and his captive.

Damaged, Deathlok escapes in his helicopter rather than confront Ryker. He notices the violent third voice in his head has stopped and the computer reveals that it was the result of one of Ryker's implants and may have been key in tracking him. Deathlok semi-consciously enters the coordinates of his old home in New Jersey and is driven to return to it. The last time he saw his wife, Janice, before he died, she was pregnant, and their son is five years old now. She answers the door expecting Mike, but is horrified by the creature she sees, not believing his claims to be her lost husband. Despondent, Deathlok staggers away and tries to shoot himself with his own laser gun, but the computer disables it as self-destruction runs counter to programming. Deathlok instead crushes the gun and walks off, cursing Ryker's name.


  • Plot by Buckler and Moench, script by Buckler.
  • Roussos is credited as Geo. Roussos.

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