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Quote1.png Yet other enemies will come! Other battles will be fought! But no matter who the foe...what the danger...Victory will be mine... for now, and for always! Quote2.png
Doctor Doom

Appearing in "Back to the Savage Land"

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  • H.M.S. Drake (Only in flashback)

Synopsis for "Back to the Savage Land"

The Petrified Man Tells Ka-Zar his origin story:

500 years ago, he was a sailor, and his ship crashed. He was the only one to survive, and he washed ashore in the Savage Land. While there he was drawn to a strange idol. In front of the idle, there was a goblet of water, which he drank thirstily. The Sun-Tribe, who worshiped the idol, drove him away with spears, but it was too late. The liquid he drank had changed him, made him immortal, and slowly, his body turned to living Stone.

Now the Petrified Man is having visions of War in the Savage land, and is asking Ka-Zar to take him back there. Once they have returned, they meet up with Tongah, who's family and tribe have been killed by the Sun-Tribe. Ka-Zar swears to put a stop to the Sun-Tribe's War.

Continued next issue...

Appearing in "Doom Must Die!"

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Synopsis for "Doom Must Die!"

Continued from last issue... With Prince Rudolfo's resistance army continuing their attack on Latveria, Dr. Doom has to square off against his Doomsman, who has adapted it's own independence and seeks to destroy Doom along with the Faceless One who seeks to take over Latveria for his own ends. However, neither anticipated that Dr. Doom is able to mentally control the Doomsman, turning it against the Faceless One. When the Doomsman seizes the Faceless One's body, Doom is shocked to find that it's only an android body, and what was believed to be a dome over the creatures head turned out to be it's actual body, which flees on tiny spider-like legs. The body then self destructs, allowing the Faceless One time to escape in his ship and seemingly flees Latveria.

Dr. Doom then returns his attention to Rudolfo's resistance and easily disposes of them. The Faceless One resumes his attack in his ship. Bombarding Doom with anti-particles, the Faceless One seemingly destroys Dr. Doom. However, Doom was not destroyed, and projecting a hologram over the kingdom of Latveria, he tells all that he will destroy them by using a vibration machine to effect the fault line that Latveria rests on. Doom destroys his own kingdom, rather than face defeat, forcing the resistance and the entire citizenship of Latveria to flee as every structure is shaken to the ground.

Once more under it's own control, the Doomsman decides to go after Dr. Doom and tracks his creator to secret cavern base. There the Doomsman tries to attack Dr. Doom directly, however Doom manages to exert his will power on the creature again, rendering it inert. Realizing making an army of Doomsmen would create a same problem he abandons the project. When the Doomsman once more regains control of itself and tries to attack Dr. Doom, Doom sends it to another dimension where it will not be a constant threat to his life.

Solicit Synopsis

(December) Ka-Zar returns to the Savage Land - and to a battle which may decide earth's fate! Plus - Dr. Doom's showdown with the dreaded Doomsman!

  • (January) AND, STILL ON SALE- Ka-Zar returns to his hidden jungle - and to a battle which may decide earth's fate! Plus - Dr. Doom's showdown with the dreaded Doomsman!


  • Cover art modifications by Romita.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Astonishing Mails. Letters are published from Michael W. Barr,Michael Higgins, Randy Pierce, Wilson Fong and Danny Suslyk.

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