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  • Super-Tank

Synopsis for "The Soft Parade... of Slow, Sliding Death!"

The rebel soldier that joined Deathlok charges towards the tank and barely survives. Inspired by his bravery, Deathlok is determined to rescue him and manages to jump to the top of the wall carrying him. However before he can pull his friend over, enemy gunfire finishes the job. Deathlok is forced to keep running. While the tank takes its time getting past the obstacles in its way, five of Ryker's mercenaries chase Deathlok on foot. He leads them first into an abandoned armory where he picks up some more ammo, then to a defunct cryogenics installation and adjoining scrapyard. Deathlok kills the mercenaries and when the tank catches up, he uses an improvised ballista to launch a girder into a weak point below its turret, incapacitating it despite the computer's warnings that it would be impossible.

Meanwhile, Ryker begins the operation that will transform himself into the "Savior-Machine", ignoring the surveillance on his captive, Mike Travers. Mike manages to escape from his room while no one is looking and heads out to search for Luther.


  • Plot by Buckler, script (issue pages) by Buckler pages 1-3 and Moench pages 6-32.

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