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  • Hellinger's helicopter

Synopsis for "The Man Who Sold the World!"

Deathlok throws his dagger at the tail rotor of the escaping helicopter to send it into a spin, giving him a chance to catch up to where it lands, but by the time he does the informant inside has already fled. He tracks his target to an abandoned subway where it seems like he's being attacked by cannibal gangs, but the computer determines that they're mind-controlled drones instead. Deathlok fails to save the informant's life, driving him into a berserk rage against the drone army. He makes it away with only the informant's payment to show for it, which turns out to be counterfeit anyway.

Meanwhile, Mike Travers covertly returns to Ryker's base to rescue Nina. Disconnecting her from the Omni-Computer initiates a self-destruct that they just manage to escape, but Mike is unaware that Nina's mind is still remotely connected to the system as he carries her unconscious body away.


  • Plot by Buckler, script (issue pages) by Buckler pages 1-7 and Mantlo pages 10-30.

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