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Appearing in "Reflections in a Crimson Eye!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Drones (Corpse)
  • Doctors
    • Lemner
    • Blaine
  • Luther Manning Clone (First appearance)
  • Provisional Revolutionary Army
    • Strake

Races and Species:



  • Hellinger's helicopter

Synopsis for "Reflections in a Crimson Eye!"

Feeling like there's a reason he should hang onto the counterfeit money he salvaged, Deathlok returns to the helicopter and repairs it, finding that it was pre-programmed to a spot in Long Island that he hopes is where he can find the surgeon that can fix his body. He lands at a mansion that the computer reveals belongs to Ryker. Deathlok fights past the guards and enters into the mansion's study. He's horrified to find a clone of his living self sitting silently and a man introducing himself as Hellinger in control of the place. Realizing what the clone's presence means, Deathlok demands to know if he can transfer his brain into its body so he can live again, but Hellinger and the computer confirm that there isn't enough of his original brain left for such a transfer. Nonetheless, Hellinger explains that he is the remaining surgeon that helped create Deathlok and has been Ryker's prisoner ever since. He was able to reprogram the computers watching him and used them to manipulate events leading Deathlok to him so they could take down Ryker together. He offers Deathlok new advanced weaponry and a bomb, sending him on a mission to recover Nina and Mike from the Revolutionaries that captured them since their escape so valuable information can be retrieved from Nina's mind-link. Deathlok goes on the mission and makes it to the Revolutionary hideout, but finds out too late that Hellinger's bomb didn't have the safety margin he was told it did. As Hellinger watches from afar, he removes his human disguise and raves that his 'brother', Simon Ryker will soon be forced to confront him again in the form of the prototype for the new man, Homo Ascendant.

Meanwhile, Ryker's operation converting him into the Savior-Machine is complete. His mind is completely merged with the Omni-Computer.


  • Plot by Buckler, script by Mantlo.
  • Letters: computer lettering by Bleckley.

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