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Appearing in "And All the King's Madmen... ...Couldn't Put Deathlok Back Together Again... ...Or Could They?"

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Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Provisional Revolutionary Army
  • Sylvia and unnamed man
  • CIA (First appearance)
    • Teresa Deveraux
  • doctors

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  • Helicopter

Synopsis for "And All the King's Madmen... ...Couldn't Put Deathlok Back Together Again... ...Or Could They?"

Unable to separate it from his right wrist, Deathlok gets Hellinger's bomb and his arm jammed into the door of the Revolutionary base right before it explodes, taking out the base and his cybernetic arm and incapacitating himself, but keeping him intact enough to be salvaged by Mike Travers and taken in for repairs. Deathlok awakens in the headquarters of the CIA, who have been trying to stop Ryker for some time, and now with Deathlok's help and the information recovered from Nina's mind they're ready to make their move. While they were repairing Deathlok, the CIA equipped him with a new programming module to keep him in line. While Deathlok is frustrated at being controlled again, his current directive to defeat Ryker doesn't disagree with him, so he goes along with the plan, not that he has much choice.

Deathlok fights his way onto Ryker's compound. When he discovers that Ryker's original body is defunct and that his mind is now merged with the Omni-Computer, his programming drives him to get himself hooked up to the computer as well to pursue Ryker any way possible. He's surprised to find another clone of himself working on Ryker's medical team. The clone explains that he is actually the third surgeon that originally worked on Deathlok with his mind transplanted into the clone's body. He agrees to help Deathlok link up to the Omni-Computer. Thus, Deathlok prepares to confront Ryker in the virtual space of the computer.


  • Plot by Buckler, script by Mantlo.

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