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  • CIA
    • Teresa Deveraux

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Synopsis for "...And Once Removed From Never"

Deathlok and Ryker meet in the virtual environment of the Omni-Computer. Ryker attempts to explain his approach to saving their war-torn world by controlling it, but Deathlok is out for vengeance and the clashing of their electronic minds threatens to destroy them both. Dr. Wilcox, the surgeon in the Manning clone's body, attempts to save them by pulling them out of the computer and back into their own bodies, but they get mixed up in the transfer. Deathlok is briefly in Ryker's body and Ryker in Deathlok's. Wilcox reverses the process and gets them into their correct bodies, but Ryker's mind proves unable to handle the identity crisis and goes mad thinking he's still Deathlok.

The CIA moves in to take over, interning Ryker's disabled form and allowing Deathlok to tear off his programming module once his mission is considered complete. Deathlok goes to leave, but director Devereaux stops him with an offer. It turns out Wilcox's occupancy of the clone's body was temporary due to the incompatibility between the body and his brain patterns. With Wilcox's mind transferred to memory tape, the clone's body is vacant again, and it turns out Deathlok may have a chance to regain his humanity. Taking a shot with the procedure, Luther Manning is elated to finally wake up in his old body, but the situation is complicated when the presumed inert Deathlok body speaks up and reveals that it was more of a copy than a transfer.

Meanwhile, Hellinger has transformed his own Manning clone into a hulking radioactive "Doomsday Mech" and sends it to destroy the original.


  • Plot by Buckler, script by Mantlo.
  • Letters: Saladino (uncredited) page 1.

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