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Victor von Doom

Appearing in "The Sun God"

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Synopsis for "The Sun God"

Ka-Zar and friends attempt to stop Zaladane from slaughtering a group of peaceful villagers. Ka-Zar is captured by and carried off by Zaladane's Pterodactyl. To be continued...

Appearing in "The Invaders!"

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  • Humans (Main story and flashback)



Synopsis for "The Invaders!"

Continued from last issue... After crushing the rebellion to seize his throne, Dr. Doom orders the people of Latveria to return to their home and rebuild everything at it once was, an order the fearful citizens comply with. Deciding not to stay in Latveria for the reconstruction, Doom leaves only wishing to return once his castle has been rebuilt.

As Doom rockets off to the Riviera, he is unaware that the goings on in Latveria have been monitored by the Red Skull and his group of Exiles. The Skull intends on taking over Latveria, in order to take advantage of it's status with the United Nations as part of a plot to initiate a Fourth Reich. As Doom vacations and easily dispatches some would-be thieves, the Red Skull and his Exiles manage to easily take over Latveria, it's human resistance easily quelled.

As Dr. Doom grows weary of being on vacation and the treatment he is receiving from the owners of the hotel where he is staying, Doom angrily totals their gambling room when it's suggested that he may use equipment in his armor to win at roulette. Furious Doom decides to return to his home, completely unaware that the Red Skull's invasion was a complete success and the Exiles have converted the place into an image of Nazi Germany.

This story is continued next issue...

Solicit Synopsis

(February) Ka-Zar clashes with savages - deadly flying lizards - and the villainess called Zaladane! - While Dr. Doom struggles to save his tiny kingdom from - the Red Skull!

  • (March) AND, STILL ON SALE- Ka-Zar battles the prehistoric menace of - Zaladane! Plus - Dr. Doom's kingdom usurped by the nefarious Red Skull!


  • This issue contains a letters page, Astonishing Mails. Letters are published from Richard Mackler, Larry Terwilliger, Cathy Blais, and Bob Fleming.
  • This Doctor Doom story is reprinted in Super-Villain Team-Up #15.

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