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Red Skull

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Synopsis for "Rampage"

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Appearing in "A Land Enslaved!"

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Synopsis for "A Land Enslaved!"

Continued from last issue... Dr. Doom returns to Latveria to find that it has been taken over by the Red Skull and his Exiles and been made into the image of Nazi Germany. Attacked on sight, Dr. Doom is able to fend off the Red Skull's army, until they manage to knock him out with a missile full of knock-out gas. They then entrap Doom in a sarcophagus-like restraint and leave him to bake in the sun, as the people of Latveria are herded off to newly built concentration camps.

Furious over the enslavement of his people, Dr. Doom breaks free and charges towards his castle where the Skull's men try to keep Doom away with all sorts of weapons, all of which have no effect on the despot. Dr. Doom then battles each of the Exiles, easily defeating them all. Using a hypnotic ray, he makes the Exiles believe that they have been shrunken down in size, and Doom sends them off in a rocket back to Exile Island, ending their occupation of Latveria.

Solicit Synopsis

Two sensational showdowns for the price of one! The final battle between Dr. Doom and the Red Skull - plus Ka-Zar, face to face with the madly menacing Sun-God!


  • Cover art modifications by Severin.
  • In "Rampage" (Ka-Zar story) Zaladane appears to die. She will escape and return to the Marvel Universe.
  • "A Land Enslaved!" (Doctor Doom story) is reprinted in Super-Villain Team-Up Vol 1 15
  • This issue contains a letters page, Astonishing Mails. Letters are published from Ron Andrukitis, James Dixon, Mike Scorzelli, Paul Karasik, and Daniel L. Gheno.

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