Appearing in "'Ware the Winds of Death"

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  • Damon (Main story and flashback) (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "'Ware the Winds of Death"

Ka-Zar and Zabu are accompanying Tongah home to his village, when they encounter an angry god. Tongah relates the legend of Damon and Lelania, who came to Earth, and to the Savage Land, 5000 years ago, only to have Lelania apparently killed, and Damon driven mad. Damon rampaged and brought savage storms to the land, and then must have slept since then. Now, he is rampaging again.

Meanwhile in England, a Mysterious Girl arrives at the Plunder Estate looking for Lord Kevin.

Back in the Savage Land, The Heroic Trio valiantly try to fight the god, but the struggle seems useless. Tongah's people take shelter from the storm in a nearby cave, and his siblings, Emuel and Tatia, get drawn deep into the cave by a strange light.

Appearing in "The Tentacles of the Tyrant!"

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Synopsis for "The Tentacles of the Tyrant!"

Through means of torture, Dr. Doom learns of the existence of Vibranium and the secret nation of Wakana located in Africa. Seeking to use the Vibranium for his own ends, Dr. Doom sends a mechanical eagle to Africa to find the location of the hidden country.

Succeeding in it's mission, the robotic eagle sends the location to Dr. Doom. With a newly built atomic tunneling device, Dr. Doom digs a tunnel from Latveria to Wakanda and begins searching for the rare metal. The search causes great seismic disturbances that rattle the nation.

At Avengers Mansion in New York, the Black Panther receives a distress call from his people and he rushes there as quickly as possible. Arriving in his native land, Black Panther finds Doom, who is trying to repair a malfunction in his tunneler device. Unaware of the Panther's presence, Doom's guard is down allowing for the Panther to grab Doom's weapon and point it at Doom.

This story is continued next issue...

Solicit Synopsis

Dr. Doom has a new target - the hidden African kingdom of the avenging T'Challa! Plus - the start of a new and way-out storyline for Ka-Zar! Two takes - two triumphs!

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