Quote1.png An awkward and distasteful coda. And yet I can't seem to summon the requisite ire. Can it be that, at some level, I'm actually please? After all, the best experiments are those whose results are entirely unexpected. And certainly I never foresaw all those eons ago that this one would end, not in destruction...but in a family. Quote2.png
-- Stranger

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  • Thor (Main story and flashback)

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The epic conclusion of "Planetfall." Worlds collide—literally—as living planets Ego and Alter-Ego tear into each other...with Earth as collateral damage! Can the God of Thunder halt the global-scale mayhem before all three planets are atomized—or is one world destined for destruction? Plus: The Stranger! The Collector! Zephyr! Black holes and dream realities! This one's got it all.


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