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Appearing in "The Werewolf of Wilmach!"

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Synopsis for "The Werewolf of Wilmach!"

A man plans to rob the banker of a village that believes it is being subject to werewolf attacks. When the banker interrupts him opening the safe, he stabs the banker, but not before he sees the werewolf tattoo on his arm and cries out. When the villagers gather around him he tells them about the werewolf tattoo and dies. The man gets the idea of capturing the village idiot and tattooing a werewolf on his arm so as to pin the blame for the killing on him. He succeeds in doing this, but then the idiot transforms into a real werewolf and kills him.

Appearing in "I Can't Move"

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Synopsis for "I Can't Move"

Three police officers drag away a man from standing at the corner of a building and one of the officers says "The way you're carrying on you'd think you were holding up the building!" to which the man replies "I was!" as the building topples over.

Appearing in "Voodoo Books"

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Synopsis for "Voodoo Books"

text story

Appearing in "Tomb with a View"

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Synopsis for "Tomb with a View"

A grave robber decides to head for India where there will be less competition and they leave their dead out in the open on four pillars. A flock of vultures descends upon him.

Appearing in "Drive of Death"

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Synopsis for "Drive of Death"

A hit and run driver is picked up by the ghost of the man he killed and driven to a watery grave.

Appearing in "The Hiding Place!"

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Synopsis for "The Hiding Place!"

Neil is having an affair with his assistant and when his wife is about to catch them together Neil suggests to the assistant that she use his new shrinking serum to hide in a glass. Neil returns his wife home from the laboratory, but when he returns to restore the assistant to regular size he finds one of his frat buddies has borrowed the glass for a beer party.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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