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Appearing in "To Conquer the Moon"

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Synopsis for "To Conquer the Moon"

Two telepathic presences wait upon the moon for the first humans to land upon it. They inoculate their minds against greed, arrogance, lust of power and anger so that when they return, the inoculation will spread among human culture and mankind may be welcomed into the galactic civilization of planets.

Appearing in "What the Clouds Concealed"

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Synopsis for "What the Clouds Concealed"

Barney the stunt man flies a plane into another dimensional world where he holds their leader hostage until he can make it back to the plane and escape back to Earth.

Appearing in "From Out of the Past!"

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Synopsis for "From Out of the Past!"

Three paleontologists feel smug in their knowledge until they uncover a dig site that contains a museum constructed by prehistoric man that contains more fossil bones than they have ever gathered.

Appearing in "The Searching Man"

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Synopsis for "The Searching Man"

Emory finds a token in the street that's a fifteen year old sales gimmick promising good luck. He cleans himself up and presents himself to the manufacturer to ask for a job. The owner thinks he might be good in sales so offers him a position but criticizes the decisions Emory makes. The good luck charm makes Emory's ideas turn into good sales so he goes into business for himself until he is rich and throws the charm into the street. His bad ideas now have their expected result and, impoverished once more, Emory spends all his time in the street looking for the discarded good luck charm.

Appearing in "The Sudden Storm"

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Synopsis for "The Sudden Storm"

A couple is encouraged to flee an approaching hurricane, but they decline. It turns out that they are Noah and his wife.

Appearing in "As I Lay Sleeping"

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Synopsis for "As I Lay Sleeping"

Fred passes the window of a toy train shop and tells his mom he wants the new 707 engine but she says his parents don't have the money at this time. When Fred wakes in the morning he finds the new toy and thinks his parents must have bought it after all but they say they didn't. Fred visits the toy shop and his old train is in the window display but the manager says no one made an exchange. Fred surrenders the 707 and takes his old one back but the following morning Fred has the new one again and the perplexed manager allows him to keep it. It turns out that the toy train dispatcher made Fred's wish come true.


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