Appearing in "The Man in the Sky!"

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Synopsis for "The Man in the Sky!"

A conman changes his ways after he experiences a miracle while trying to pull a scam faking walking on air while the help of a helicopter hidden behind a man-made cloud and wires. A man looking out of a window loses his balance and falls and so the conman tells his partner in the helicopter to bring him up so that he can catch the falling bystander. He leaps into the air and saves the man, but when he returns them both safely to the ground, his helicopter accomplice tells him that he hadn't had time to hook up the wire yet.

Appearing in "Those Who Vanish!"

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Synopsis for "Those Who Vanish!"

Joe invents a chemical spray that he uses to make his boss vanish. Joe flees the office and when the police approach him he sprays them also. Joe doesn't know the police were looking for him in order to warn him that the spray is making Joe vanish a little with each use.

Appearing in "Needle in a Haystack"

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Synopsis for "Needle in a Haystack"

In the future a representative of an insurance company tracks down a space pirate who's stolen uranium with a phony Geiger counter.

Appearing in "The Edge of the Cliff"

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Synopsis for "The Edge of the Cliff"

Pedro dives at the edge of a cliff in exchange for money from a stranger. Pedro doesn't want to make the dive but feels his honor is at stake if he retreats from the cliff edge and his family needs food. Pedro is relived when authorities tell him the stranger is a thief who has stolen the money that he offered Pedro and resolves to find another way to acquire the food his family needs.

Appearing in "Ride to the Future"

Featured Characters:

  • Poker

Supporting Characters:

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "Ride to the Future"

A visitor from outer space helps an unimaginative boy win a new bike in a writing contest.

Appearing in "No Such Animal"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "No Such Animal"

Skeptical scientist disregard the report of Hans who claims to have seen a giant beast in the Black Forest. They make an expedition and find only a large cave and conclude Hans was mistaken, but as the scientists depart, they fail to notice what they thought was a cave was actually the sleeping giant's mouth.

Appearing in "The Peace-Monger"

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Synopsis for "The Peace-Monger"

Earth has disarmed itself to prevent humanity's destruction but appears ripe for alien conquest. A leader has small children distribute poison ivy among the aliens when they land so that they will believe they are allergic to something in the atmosphere and leave Earth without a shot being fired.

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