Appearing in "The Old Man's Secret!"

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Synopsis for "The Old Man's Secret!"

A man crosses the mountains of Tibet in order to gain the secret of immortality. He meets a young man and an old man and convinces the young man to let him take the old man back to civilization with him in order to analyze his body chemistry. When he gets back, his friend, who has met the couple before, tells him that he brought back the wrong man. He brought back the immortal man's son.

Appearing in "Nightmare at Noon!"

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Synopsis for "Nightmare at Noon!"

When a woman threatens to leave a man unless he sells his island for cash, he has a vision of a woman being threatened by pirates. He defeats the pirates, and as a reward she gives him a ring and a promise to return someday as the vision fades. When he comes to he finds he still has the ring and the client the real estate broker brings in to show the island is the spitting image of the woman from his vision.

Appearing in "Man with Wings!"

Featured Characters:

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "Man with Wings!"

Leonardo Da Vinci has nightmares about being able to fly.

Appearing in "No Trespassing!"

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Synopsis for "No Trespassing!"

When a rich man finds a beam of light shining on his property with healing properties, he fences it off and charges five thousand dollars for access. The beam turns out to be an alien weapon test and, when increased to full power, wipes out the man's estate reducing him to poverty.

Appearing in "Discovery"

Featured Characters:

  • Chauncey

Supporting Characters:

  • Zeke

Other Characters:

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "Discovery"

A scrawny man is given a magic candy bar that confers great strength, but he discovers that he already posesses more strength than he suspects.

Appearing in "The World of Flame!"

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Synopsis for "The World of Flame!"

A giant wave tosses a ship up to the sun.

Appearing in "When the Walls Close In!"

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Synopsis for "When the Walls Close In!"

An escaped war criminal feels claustrophobia until his guilt makes him confess.


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