Appearing in "The House of Fear!"

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Synopsis for "The House of Fear!"

Rod accepts a hundred dollar bet to spend the night in a haunted house. He experiences several strange occurrences which could have resulted in injury but just figures his friends have rigged up gimmicks to scare him out and forfeit the hundred bucks. The following morning he confronts his friends down the road from where he stayed. Rod is confused because they were supposed to meet him in front of the house but he is shocked to learn that he spent the night in the wrong house.

Appearing in "Monster in the Mist"

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Synopsis for "Monster in the Mist"

A ship briefly goes through a time warp to the year 1519 and return to the present day just in time to avoid being sunk by a sea monster.

Appearing in "The Trap"

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Synopsis for "The Trap"

An embezzler hires a pilot to fake a crash landing to get an auditor out of the way for one week so that he can create fake general ledger entries but he's surprised when the boss reveals the auditor was a robot. The boss says the robot that disappeared checked the books and discovered no errors but this new one they've got now never makes an error.

Appearing in "Secret of the Golden Idol"

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Synopsis for "Secret of the Golden Idol"

Ira pays ten dollars to learn about an idol in a curio shop which is supposed to lead to fortune. Ira breaks in and steals the idol and notices that one eye glows green when he moves in a certain direction and the other eye glows red. Figuring that the idol is directing his movement with green for go and red for stop Ira follows it around even though he's been warned the idol is supposed to bring evil. Eventually the idol leads Ira into police headquarters from the sewer underground where he's arrested for its theft. He asks the officer about the fortune and is told that the idol itself has a valuable ruby as the red glowing eye.

Appearing in "The Pitcher"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Journey Into Unknown Worlds #43.

Synopsis for "The Pitcher"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Journey Into Unknown Worlds #43.

Appearing in "Trapped by the Little Men"

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Synopsis for "Trapped by the Little Men"

When little men wake him from a sound sleep demanding that he come with them, a man realizes that his ancestor was Gulliver from "Gulliver's Travels"

Appearing in "When He Presses The Button"

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Synopsis for "When He Presses The Button"

An inventor of a time machine gets rid of an unwanted distraction by pressing a button and sending his uninvited visitor hours into the past where he receives instructions from his boss to drive out to the inventor's house, setting up the whole sequence in an infinite loop.


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