Appearing in "The Hanging Terror!"

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Synopsis for "The Hanging Terror!"

The Communists construct a satellite over America which spurs the U.S. forces to announce they are building a powerful gun which can destroy it. The Soviets capture the gun, and take it to the satellite to aim at America, but they were tricked into stealing a gun that fires in reverse.

Appearing in "The Man Eater!"

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Synopsis for "The Man Eater!"

Alien shape-shifters invade and devour humans.

Appearing in "The Three Doors"

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Other Characters:

  • Parkington (attorney)

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Synopsis for "The Three Doors"

A man makes a deal with the Devil and then tries to outwit him, unsuccessfully.

Appearing in "Behind the Wall!"

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Synopsis for "Behind the Wall!"

A man thinks his wife and his brother-in-law hate him as much as he hates the brother-in-law so when the brother-in-law asks him if he wants to ride into town the day before his birthday he plots to kill the brother-in-law since there are witnesses they took the bus into town and then dump the body into an old well and seal it. After the two get on the bus, he fakes an illness to get his wife's brother back into the house where he hits him repeatedly over the head with a crowbar. He figures that he will tell people the wife's brother never returned from town and will have disappeared. He tosses the body into the old basement well when he hears his wife coming down the stairs. He hides in the well with the corpse. What he didn't realize was that the wife and town sheriff were going to surprise him by finishing his work capping the well as a birthday present.

Appearing in "The Finger!"

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Synopsis for "The Finger!"

A man captures a finger of a five-dimensional being by thrusting a spear through it and securing the spear between two posts. When he lets a reporter photograph it, he is shocked to discover the camera emits a death ray which destroys the creature's finger. The photographer changes into an alien shape and admits to the man before he kills him that he had to track him down in the guise of a human in order to amputate his finger to free itself in its home dimension.

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