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Astonishing X-Men Vol 1 logo.png
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Type: Limited Series (Team)
Genre: Superhero
Featuring: X-Men and Age of Apocalypse
Status: Finished
Publication Date: MarchJune, 1995
4 issues • 17 images • 4 reprinted issues • 1 TPB editionNext Volume Red Next-icon.png

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  • The original Astonishing X-Men was a four-issue series that replaced Uncanny X-Men during the 1995 alternate universe storyline Age of Apocalypse, in which all X-Titles were given new names and issue numbers. In this storyline, Professor X is murdered 20 years in the past by his own son, Legion. Magneto, witnessing his friend's death, commits himself to Xavier's dream and creates his own team of X-Men. However, he can not stop the rise of the despotic Apocalypse.