Quote1 I am... ashamed. Please. Forgive me. When you left, I was furious with you. But then I saw you... To put your own grief aside as you did, in order to help others... to act so nobly in the face of despair... I have always been so proud of you, but never more so than now. Hisako, my beloved daughter, you bring great honor to me and our family. Quote2
-- Mr. Ichiki

Appearing in "Monstrous, Conclusion"

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  • Sea of Japan
    • Monster Island



Synopsis for "Monstrous, Conclusion"

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“MONSTROUS” The epic story pitting the X-Men and the Marvel Monsters comes to a startling conclusion! Rising star Nick Bradshaw (UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL) joins writer Daniel Way (DEADPOOL) to bring you the most exciting monster fight ever shown in a comic.

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