Quote1 ...We've got rain clouds rolling in stirring up an abundance of positive ions and increasing irritability among particularly sensitive people. But not to worry. When the rain starts releases negative ions into the air, causing a feeling of euphoria...a natural side effect of Storm's more dramatic arrivals. Quote2
-- Dr. Nemesis

Appearing in "Exalted (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "Exalted (Part 1)"

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Solicit Synopsis

GREG PAK (WORLD WAR HULK) and MIKE MCKONE (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) are here to put the ASTONISHING back in the X-Men. Storm needs Cyclops’ help with a special mission, but it ends up being much more than they bargained for. Oh, and they kiss. WHAT!?!? The biggest, most exciting X-Men story in years starts here!

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