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Quote1.png I been having nightmares doc. I mean, I've never had great dreams, not since I was a kid, but... these are different, they feel real.[...] That's just it. I'm not doing anything. Just sitting in the dark, in the snow or in the middle of the ice. The nightmare comes from what I'm feeling. Hunger.[...] Because I not hungry for food. I'm hungry for something else...[...] It's the end of the world. That's my other dream. There's nothing left. Not even me, I feel my soul breaking apart, like I'm the snow. And what scares me is that I don't care, sometimes I think I'd like to lose myself. It would be easier to disappear, become someone new , but I don't think I could even if I could. I'm not that lucky. Quote2.png
Iceman (Bobby Drake)

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Iceman is changed after his multi-dimensional ordeal. What aftershocks will this have in his life? What is left of the Astonishing X-Men, The X-Treme X-Men and the Age of Apocalypse?


  • This issue marks the first appearance of Gambit's three cats, Oliver, Lucifer, and Figaro.

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