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The Astral Plane is an alternate dimension in an equivalent space to our own, where all matter is composed of ectoplasm. On the astral plane, the life energies and consciousnesses of other beings are discernible to adepts. Adepts can reach the astral plane by psionic or magical means. Powerful psychics and sorcerers astral project their "Spirit or astral body" into the realm allowing them to manipulate the astral plane e.g. turning their arms into weapons or growing in height.[4]

Returning from her trip into the universe and learning of the Elder Gods' degeneration and slaughter, Oshtur created the Astral Plane, one of the four first Inner Planes, as a place for her to exile herself in order to preserve Atum's banishment spell, which would leave Gaea vulnerable.[1]

It borders the domain of Nightmare,[5] and is connected to the Dreamscape via the Mindscape.[3]


Hyborian Age[]

The Cimmerian warrior Conan, with the help of Mitra's angel Phantom, fought Yog's priestess, equipped with the Wand of Watoomb, in the Spectral Realm where they had become giant-sized.[6]

Modern Age[]

When the Progenitors attempted to launch an attack on Earth, Maximus the Mad decided to bring the attackers and his fellow Inhumans since the Progenitors were susceptible to telepathy and empathic control. This worked as the Progenitors were successfully repelled.[7]

Alternate Universes[]


Emma Frost battled the Shadow King through their astral forms.[8]


Astral Plane from Dr

Dr Strange in the astral plane of Earth-96173

The astral planes are "other dimensions within and beyond the material plane" [sic.]. Human dreamers visit the harmless lower astral planes, but trained wizards are able to visit the higher astral planes, inhabited by dangerous creatures such as the barbarian beast Balzaroth. The witch Morgan le Fay managed to ensnare sleeping college student Clea Lake and trap her in the higher astral planes, from which she could not escape by herself, as a bait for her enemies Sorcerer Supreme Thomas Lindmer and Doctor Stephen Strange. Lindmer, weakened by a previous duel with le Fay, feared that such a quest could destroy him, so he instead trained Strange to perform the rite, and taught him a plea to Raggadorr that repelled the dimension dwellers. Strange's ring with the symbol of light was useful for the spell that sent Strange to the astral plane. Strange had a psychic bond with Lake that he followed to find her. Le Fay was unable to stop them and she was thus chastened by her sponsor the Nameless One.[9]


The Astral Dimension is a parallel dimension where souls exist without a body and coexists with the Material Plane, much like the Mirror Dimension. Time within the Dimension is much more faster than compared to the Material one as Doctor Strange and the Ancient One were able to have an entire conversation in the Astral Plane while time in the Material Plane barely passed.[10] The Astral Dimension also served as a resting place for the souls of deceased ancestors. After consuming the Heart-Shaped Herb one's soul would be temporarily transported to the Ancestral Plane to meet the deceased.[11] The Soul Stone appeared to be capable to manipulate the Astral Plane as Thanos was able to use to interfere with Strange's astral form.[12]


The Astral Plane was a place appearing usually as an empty space with black mist and tiny green lights covering the surface, located between dreams and reality which could be accessed by powerful psychic mutants and could be altered through the subconscious thoughts and memories. Dr. Charles Xavier after being tricked by Amahl Farouk into meeting him in Morocco, battled his fellow telepath in the astral plane. He managed to separate Farouk's mind from his body, but unbeknownst to him, Farouk was still alive and drove Xavier's wife to her death before attempting to take over his son's body.[13] Mutant philanthropist Oliver Bird entered the Astral Plane and created his own kingdom, but as he spent more and more time in it he was unable to return to his body and became trapped there.[14] David Haller would later access the Astral Plane on his own during a session on his memories.[15] Bird would also bring Cary Loudermilk in the Astral Plane in order to defeat Farouk.[16]


After being poisoned by the Scorpion, Spider-Man began mentally finding himself swinging through the astral plane where he fought simulacrums of his enemies.[17]

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