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Saramin ruler of the Astro-Men

The Astro-Men were aliens from the planet Astros a rogue planet that drifted through space. Seeking to inhabit a new world, their leader Saramin targeted the planet Earth in the year 1951. Bringing Astros into Earth's orbit they used blast cannons to blow off chunks of their own world to bombard the Earth with meteors.

The leaders of Earth got assistance from the Uranian hero known as Marvel Boy who helped most of the countries of Earth to build atomic cannons to blast the meteors out of the sky and later led a counter attack when the Astro-Men attempted to invade the Earth. In the aftermath the Astro-Men were captured along with their leader. When a communist nation began attacking the United States in the aftermath, Marvel Boy forces Saramin to bring him to Astros where they used the planets defences to devastate the attacking nation into submission.

With the battle over, Saramin changed his views after seeing the destruction caused to the Earth and he and his Astro-Men agreed to remain on Earth and help rebuild. Marvel Boy then returned to Uranus, destroying Astros along the way leaving the Astro-Men to forge a new life on Earth[1].


Habitat: Earth standard
Gravity: Earth standard
Atmosphere: Earth standard


Type of Government: Monarch, the Astro-Men are commanded by a supreme ruler.
Level of Technology: The Astro-Men have advanced technological capabilities including ships that can travel between worlds and blast cannons powered by atomic energy that can blow off chunks of their own planet to be hurled at targets in space.
Representatives: Saramin


It has since been revealed that many of Marvel Boy's early adventures were adapted by Timely Comics to boost the popularity of the newly arrived Marvel Boy. To this end a number of the accounts of Marvel Boy's adventures were altered and fictionalized to make them a better sell to reading audiences of the time, as such the above listed account of events may have been altered in publication than they originally occurred[2].

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