Astronomica was a space explorer the Fantastic Four encountered during one of their adventures. When the heroes were returning to Earth, they took a wrong turn and ended up in the Crossroads of Infinity which risked them not being able to return home. Astronomica lent the Fantastic Four her Stellarex Stone, an artifact which could show the way to a person's home they sang to it. The rest of the team volunteered their best singer, the Human Torch, to use it. He was successful, and the gem lit a path to Earth.

Before Astronomica parted ways with the Fantastic Four to return her way, she gifted The Thing a fragment of the Stellarex Stone, claiming that if he ever got lost again, it would help him find his way home. He would use it many years laters to make a ring to propose to Alicia Masters.[1]



Star Sceptre, Stellarex Stone

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