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Asura was a new god that bound up older ones, such as Yaamai, the four-armed god of death and sleep.[3]

Asura was the chief-deity in Vendhya.[4] His priests served the throne.[5]


Hyborian Age

Asura was a new god. When the older god Yaamai, the four-armed god of death and sleep, used his trident, fire-sword, mace, and noose to conquer all, except for Asura. Asura defeated and bound him up, among others.[3]

Asura was the popular deity in Vendhya,[5] and its chief-deity.[4] His Priests served the throne.[5] Asura was seemingly also worshipped in Iranistan, in the Ilbars.[6]

Asura was worshiped in Aquilonia[4] as early as 10,000 BC. Kalligor sacrificed to him for favors.[1]



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