Asylum was hospitalized in a mental hospital for some reason, before being used by Genetech for their research in creating superhuman beings. Given the name and powers of Asylum, she participated as a member of Psionex during its early activities, such as battling with the young heroes of the New Warriors.[1]

Asylum and the other members of Psionex escaped from Genetech's facilities during Terrax's return.[2] She later fought Nova and Speedball in Manhattan but was dispersed by Speedball leaving behind only her mask.[3] Her mask was later used as a conduit from the Darkforce Dimension back to Earth by the Darkling, who took her mask a became the new Asylum.[4]

The original Asylum's whereabouts since then are unknown. An Asylum appeared with Psionex for the Maryland Initiative, but their identity is uncertain.[5]


Asylum's body has been transformed into non-corporeal mists, providing her with protection against all forms of attack, except mental attacks, although apparently, Asylum's head remains solid. Anyone engulfed in Asylum's mist is subject to a mental assault with a twisted version of an inner truth or an inner lie.


Asylum is apparently mute due to her transformation.

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