Atali was the first-born and daughter of Ymir the Ice Giant, god to the Aesir and Vanir,[1] and a demi-goddess herself.[4]

She lured men to be slain by her brothers in order to give their hearts to their father.

At some point, Old Gorm allegedly witnessed her while wounded, but couldn't crawl after her.

She met Conan and tried to had him killed by her two brothers, but Conan killed them then attempted to rape Atali, who managed to escape and call her father for help. Atali vanished and the elements unleashed on Conan who survived, being found by his Aesir companions.[1]

  • The short story of Atali was originally written by Howard for his Conan adventures before being adapted into the Marvel Universe by Thomas and Windsor-Smith. As a result, Atali was not created with the traditional Marvel definitions of Ice Giants and Frost Giants in mind. She appeared to Conan as a traditionally human-scaled beautiful woman.
    • It is unclear if she is the daughter to the well-known Asgardian Ice Giant Ymir, or of another deity mistaken for or usurping his role.[2]

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