Atalis claimed to be no sorcerer, but merely a philosopher, a seeker after knowledge. He survived this way the purge of all wizards in Yaralet, but the evil satrap Munthassem Khan cursed him with pain of convulsion. Looking in his crystal ball, he discovered that Conan was wearing the Heart of Tammuz, the counter-talisman for the Hand of Nergal wielded by Munthassem Khan, so he ordered his slave girl Hildico to bring the Cimmerian to him. The trio then confronted Munthassem Khan in his palace, and watched as the two artifacts released the essence of ancient colossal beings of light and darkness who began their eternal struggle anew. The being of light from the Heart of Tammuz won the battle. After Munthassem Khan's disintegration at the defeat of his patron, Prince Tann was crowned the new satrap and greeted Conan, who, after a week of relaxation, was ready to travel back to Turan again, but this time in the company of Hildico.[1]

Many years later, Conan and several other warriors traveled to Munthassem Khan's former quarters, where they were confronted by Atalis, who revealed his involvement with the cult of Nergal, as well as his warrior servant, Fafnir of the Demon Hand.[2]


None, human.

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