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The Atlantean Army is the official military force of Homo mermanus ruled Atlantis. It is lead by King Namor the commander and chief of all military operations. It's a military force that possesses amphibious armored combat vehicles (wheeled and tracked), walker-like multi-legged mecha (including multi-story types), and possibly combat aircraft. The Atlantean army was as recently as the early latter half of the 20th century, one of the most powerful armies in the world. A force which during a short-lived war against the surface world was able to wage a global campaign which threatened the world. In a few decades it had declined to such a state, that it had difficulties waging a successful campaign against the American east coast as part of the Atlantean alliance with Lemuria and the Deviants.

World War II

During the Second World War the kingdom of Atlantis also fought against the Axis Powers in alliance with the Allied Powers.[1]

Modern Era

Namor declared war on the surface world. His legions attacked everywhere across the world and conquered New York City. The Fantastic Four evaporated the water from the invaders helmets, forcing them to retreat back to the sea. [2] Magneto later manipulated Namor into attacking the surface world.[3] He then seized control of the Atlantean forces himself.[4] After which Magneto used the Atlantean army and fleet to conquer NY City. Which was then liberated by Namor and Fantastic Four after defeating Magneto.[5]

During Atlantis' alliance with the Deviants and rebel Lemurians, the army waged war against the surface world. They first attacked attacked Virginia, New York, & Florida.[6] After which they attacked NY City and fought it's defenders, including Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, only to withdraw up on learning of their allies' betrayal and the destruction of Atlantis.[7] In the aftermath, while defending a devastated Atlantis, they intercepted a British nuclear submarine that had been hijacked by the Peace Corps terrorists with the Avengers & People's Protectorate in pursuit.[8]

They engaged the super hero teams, which allowed the submarine to escape.[9] The Atlantean army attacked the submarine and the three teams at St. John's in Canada. During the fighting several superheroes boarded the submarine and their actions resulted in the detonation of the nuclear payload.[10] Everyone's lives at the epicenter were saved by the combined powers of Sersi and Fantasma. The civilians further away were evacuated by Alpha Flight along with the Atlantean prisoners.[11]

Controlled by A.I.M. nannites, Attuma and his army attacked the surface world. Which ended when the nannites were overridden by the Destroyer.[12] When Kang began his invasion of Earth, he offered to let any forces on Earth who seized territory in his name to keep what they conquered. Attuma led the Atlantean forces against the surface world, attacking Prince Edward Island in Canada. In two separate battles, they lost to the Avenges and were forced to retreat.[13]

NY City was again invaded by the Atlantean army led by Attuma. Using multi-story Octo-Meks (tentacled mecha with energy cannons), they fought the Avengers until Sentry decapitated Attuma.[14] Namor as one of the Phoenix Five, led his army in an attack on Wakanda, in conjunction with a tidal wave.[15] Namora would later lead the Atlantean army to China, to aid the Atlas Foundation in its battle with the Great Wall and a PLA division under its control.[16]

A resurrected Attuma led his horde to victory over Namor and the Atlantean army, conquering New Atlantis.[17] After Attuma's overthrow, Narmor led the army against Squadron Supreme which attacked Atlantis, failing to stop them from destroying the city.[18]




Directed energy weapons (e.g. beam cannons)[5][7][14], multi-legged walker mecha,[7], multi-story walker mecha,[14] armored combat vehicles (wheeled and tracked),[5][7], combat aircraft[5][7]

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