This dictionary and lexique list some terms used in Atlantean (and in other related cultures like the Lemurians, Uhari, Chordai, Mala or the Wasserreich of Earth-717) languages, or terms and expressions in English, Latin, German or other languages but used by the Atlanteans, or already translated in English or other languages.

Some terms may be used by Atlanteans without being translated. They will be listed anyway with a context helping to understand their meaning, until they will be developed.


  • Atlantis: (by Uhari, Chordai and Mala) "The Sea".[1] This isn't presumably a translation in their languages but an interpretation of the word.


  • The Burning Circle: (Used by Uhari) What is called "The First and Last Hunt" by the Dalfinn and the "Great Circle" in Wakanda.[2]



  • Imperius Rex: (Latin; Used by Namor)[4]


  • Krada: "Pale Crab". Derogatory term was used by the blue-skinned Atlanteans against the pink-skinned pariah Namor.[5]



  • Peshach: "Immoral person" (no direct translation).[8]


  • Ul-Ulgar: Protocol used by the Old Atlanteans (Uhari, Chordai, Mala) to handle interactions with outside groups unencountered before, consisting of feigning acceptance asking a person in a leadership position to act as an ambassador for them ("Ul-Oyt"), and then using it as leverage, example or sacrifice.[9]
  • Ul-Oyt: Emissary, used in the Ul-Ulgar protocol.[9] Also translated as "'Sacrifice' for the 'time to change'".[10]



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