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Many Atlantises

This is the proposed breakdown for the disambiguation:

Atlantis Disambiguation

Period BeginningPeriod EndingLocation Status
-End of Hyborian EraAtlantis (Empire)Not yet done
"8,000 years ag0"Late 1800sAtlantis (Kamuu)Not yet done
Late 1800s1920sTha-KorrDone (except for flashbacks and reprints)
1920s1930sAtlantis (Pacific)Done (except for flashbacks and reprints)
(really only Namor Vol 1)
1930s1958/9Tha-KorrDone (except for flashbacks and reprints)
Tales to Astonish #98
"...To Destroy the Realm Eternal!"
(December, 1967)
Atlantis (Byrrah)Not yet done
First: Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 1
Sub-Mariner #7
"For President -- the Man Called Destiny!"
(November, 1968)
Ongoing and recurring.

Atlantis (Modern)
(Atlantis most commonly depicted.)
Not yet done
Exiles #82
""World Tour: Heroes Reborn" (Conclusion)"
(August, 2006)
Atlantis (Counter-Earth)
(Atlantis from Heroes Reborn)
Not yet done
(Note: Maritanis existed before this time but as an Atlantean outpost)
Mostly (completely?) done
Agents of Atlas Vol 2 #6
"Secrets of the Deep"
(August, 2009)
Oceanus (Atlantis) Done?
Only a few known appearances
Uncanny X-Men #520
"Nation X, Chapter 6"
(March, 2010)
New Atlantis (Atlantean Pillar)Done

Other 616 Atlantises

"Other" Atlantises that are not directly tied to the one most commonly known are:

Other Reality Atlantises

Atlantis as depicted in alternate realities will require a bit more attention to determine which of the above locations might apply.


Beinge one of the more fully developed alternate realities, there are a few Atlantises:

  • New Atlantis from Ravage 2099 Vol 1 5; non-homo mermanus aquatic people. Proposed name: New Atlantis (???)
  • "New Atlantis Project" from Spider-Man 2099 Vol 1 43. Proposed name: New Atlantis Project
  • Atlantis from Earth-928. Appearances to be added to Atlantis (Modern) in Alternate Realities category.


These should be listed in Atlantis (Modern).

Disambiguation Checklist

Not that some of these tasks may overlap as multiple users may be contributing to this effort.


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  • Create the new pages and categories. Done: July 28, 2016

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Fully Disambiguated

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Draft Disambiguation Page



Atlantis from from Incredible Hercules Vol 1 123 0001
Atlantis (Empire)
Pre-Cataclysm Empire whose domain extended to Savage Land

Atlantis (Kamuu) from Saga of the Sub-Mariner Vol 1 1 001
Atlantis (Kamuu)
First city of Homo mermanus, founded by Kamuu

Atlantis (Pacific) from Namor Vol 1 1 001
Atlantis (Pacific)
Temporary home of Atlanteans

Atlantis (Byrrah) from Saga of the Sub-Mariner Vol 1 7 001
Atlantis (Byrrah)
Founded by Byrrah after destruction of Tha-Korr by Paul Destine

Atlantis (Modern) from Alpha Flight Vol 1 14 001
Atlantis (Modern)
Founded by Namor

Maritanis from Marvel Team-Up Vol 2 9 001
Dubbed "New Atlantis" by some residents



Other Locations Named Atlantis


Groups, races and species



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