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The continent was re-surfaced by Morgan le Fay.[1] Through her machinations, much of the nation of modern Atlantis was destroyed with its Homo mermanus residents exposed to the open air. The Inhumans' city of Attilan was relocated here and the Royal Family claimed hereditary rights to the land.[2] The island was later sunk through the actions of the Inhumans to protect themselves from human invaders and return the land to the Atlanteans.[3]


Arthog (Earth-616)

File:Arthog (Earth-616).png

Arthog was the slave master on board the Lemurian pirate craft which rescued and enslaved Kull when he escaped from Atlantis.[4]

Ku-Var (Earth-616)

File:Ku-Var (Earth-616).png

Ku-Var was the self-proclaimed ruler of Atlantis. His blood-thirsty tribe wiped out half the barbarian population of the island and united the other half. He held absolute rule and chose his chief guard Iraina to fight Brule at the tournament proclaimed by King Governi of Thule. Ku-Var was killed by Iraina herself when he sexually offended her.[5]

Lhok-Nor (Earth-616)

File:Lhok-Nor (Earth-616).png

Lhok-Nor was the chieftain of the Atlanteans, who promised her daughter Sareena to King Kull. As soon as Sareena was assassinated in the City of Wonders during the wedding ceremony, Lhok-Nor declared war to Valusia and attacked the capital. Kull then persuaded him and Taku to venture into the catacombs beneath the city and discover the real threat for the human race represented by the Wolf Men. Moved by Kull's love for his daughter, Lhok-Nor agreed to help him defeat the Demonolater and ended the war.[6]

Sareeta (Earth-616)

File:Sareeta (Earth-616).png

Sareeta was a childhood friend of Kull, who spared her the horror of being burned alive by striking her with a knife.[4]

Tokor (Earth-616)

File:Tokor (Earth-616).png

Tokor was the captain of the Lemurian pirate craft which rescued and enslaved Kull when he escaped from Atlantis.[4]

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