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Namor stated that Atlantis was the first human civilization on Earth.[2] It is unknown if the that statement was an error, ignoring both 500,000 BC Lemuria and 100,000 BC Thuria, or if a more ancient civilization of Atlantis existed.

Pre-Cataclysmic Age

In ancient times, the chieftain Gandaro of the Spear raided the coast of Valusia.[3] A legend of the Sea-Mountain Tribe of Atlantis told that Atlanteans once ambushed a Valusian king. As Gandaro of the Spear slew him, he reverted in his true form of a Serpent-Man.[4]

Over twenty-two thousand years ago (at the time of the Seven Empires started to decline), the isle of Atlantis was a wilderness, with no true rulership, but barely tamed by barbarians.

Circa 19,500 BC, Atlanteans started to spread on the mainland as mercenaries in the religious and political feuds existing between the greater powers.

By 19,000 BC, Atlantis was the seat of a minor empire based on trade and crafts, whose fortunes fluctuated over the next centuries.

Circa 18,500 BC,[5] Kull,[citation needed] an Atlantean warrior[5] of the Sea-Mountain tribe[citation needed] rose as the Tiger King of the City of Wonders[5] and of Valusia.[5]

Great Cataclysm

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Hyborian Age


Some Atlantean refugees scattered on surviving islands, including Antillia, Avalon, Mayapan, Opar, Ptahuacan, Ruta and Zothique, and on what would became the European continent.[5]


Circa 8,000 BC, the Post-Hyborian Cataclysm virtually erased evidence of the existence of society developed on the surviving islands.[5]


Modern Age

The continent was re-surfaced by Morgan le Fay.[11] Through her machinations, much of the nation of modern Atlantis was destroyed with its Homo mermanus residents exposed to the open air. The Inhumans' city of Attilan was relocated here and the Royal Family claimed hereditary rights to the land.[12] The island was later sunk through the actions of the Inhumans to protect themselves from human invaders and return the land to the Atlanteans.[13]


Formerly Centaurs[5]


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