Following an attack on Atlantis by the citizens of Skarka, Emperor Thakorr lead his fellow Atlanteans to the Antarctic Ocean to establish a new home. In the 1920s the city suffered heavy damage by explosions set by the crew of the Oracle as part of their exploratory expedition. During this incident, Princess Fen met and fell in love with a human sailor, Captain Leonard McKenzie, eventually giving birth to Prince Namor.[1]

Tha-Korr from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 1 1 001

When Namor was still a child, the Atlantean Royal Family moved the kingdom to the Pacific Ocean, to another city named Atlantis.[1][2]

Following the decimation of the "Pacific Atlantis" by pollution,[3] the Atlantean people returned to their colder Antarctic waters.[1]

In 1958, Destiny destroyed Tha-Korr and wiped Namor's memories. Most Atlanteans returned to a nomadic lifestyle with the destruction of their largest city.[1]

The people of Atlantis returned to Tha-Korr once more[4] but soon returned to the new Atlantis established by Namor.[5] It was believed that the Atlanteans found the city too unstable but Attuma and his barbarian horde settled in Tha-Korr.[6]


  • Often mistakenly identified as the "first Atlantis (of homo mermanus)" despite Atlantis (Kamuu) existing first.

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