The Atlas Mountains are a mountain range located in northwest Africa. They extend some 1,500 through Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria.

Ancient History

For a millennia the Titan; Atlas as part of the Axis Mundi held up the heavens. Perseus who was traveling through the region after slaying Gorgon; Medusa. The Hesperides offered him shelter on his long journey home. Perseus tried to take some Golden Apples as a gift for his mother. When Atlas saw him and tried to warn he used Medusa's head to turn him to stone. He was turned into the Atlas Mountains.[1]

The Atlas Mountains are also the site of the legendary King Solomon's Tomb.[2]

Modern Age

Years ago, a member of the Collectors known as Mister Little, allied himself with the Black Panther and journeyed through the mountains to find two artifacts collectively known as King Solomon's Frogs. They discovered the tomb and engaged in a battle with a rival collector named Princess Zanda as well as a being from Earth's future known as Hatch-22.[2]

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