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Quote1.png It felt good to get in a scrap like that again. Even if I wasn't needed. ... Like being around some of the big Avengers -- It's hard to pull my weight with someone like her or the robot around. Quote2.png
3-D Man

Appearing in "The Return of the Three Dimensional Man, Part 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Skrulls (Only in flashback)
  • zombies (Only in flashback)
  • unidentified subterranean creatures
  • rogue Atlas elements
  • unidentified three-eyed creatures

Other Characters:

  • Agents of Atlas (Earth-10170) (Dream) (First appearance)
    • Gorilla-Man (Ken Hale) (Earth-10170) (Dream) (First appearance)
    • James Woo (Earth-10170) (Dream) (First appearance)
    • M-11 (Earth-10170) (Dream) (First appearance)
    • Venus (Earth-10170) (Dream) (First appearance)
    • Uranian (Bob Grayson) (Earth-10170) (Dream) (First appearance)
    • 3-D Man (Charles Chandler) (Earth-10170) (Dream) (First appearance)
  • "Skull-faced guy" (Dream)




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Synopsis for "The Return of the Three Dimensional Man, Part 2"

Upon being discovered, 3-D Man makes a break for it with the core members of Atlas in hot pursuit. Unfortunately, he runs into the chamber where Lao the dragon is having his meal, and is almost killed. Despite the efforts of Namora and Gorilla-Man, it is Venus who saves the day, by using her new status as the Goddess of Love to mimic dragonsong. Lao brekas off his attack and, once the ruse is made plain, refuses to speak to the heroes.

Now that they have established that they mean him no harm, the agents of Atlas offer to speak to 3-D Man. They give him a rundown of their history - during the 1950s, the team was pulled together by Jimmy Woo to fight the mastermind known as the Yellow Claw as "Department Zero". In the present day, an almost retired Jimmy Woo suffered brain injuries on a rogue mission to the Hidden City of Atlas. Department Zero reforms, with the Uranian using his technology to reform Jimmy's body mind based on readings from 1959, M-11 calculated they could recruit Namora to help them. The reformed team discovers that Yellow Claw's original plan was to train Woo to become his heir, under the guise of "fighting" him. Jimmy accepted so that he could use Atlas to better the world.

3-D Man resonds by linking with their telepath and giving a rundown of his history - during the Secret Invasion, he fought Skrulls. His powers come from Chuck Chandler, who was caught in the radiation of an exploding Skrull spacecraft in 1958. Chandler's powers are related to three mysterious stones from a higher dimension, and as a result, Garrett has Chandler's memories. Unfortunately, he has recently been getting flashbacks to memories that involve Chandler and Department Zero... memories of things the agents did, but remember differently - the Electroghoul Affair, the Dragon's Corridor Affair. The meeting is interrupted by a message from Derek Khanata, informing them that a rogue group of Atlas in Iceland are responsible for a volcanic eruption. 3-D Man and the agents of Atlas depart to save the day. However. Lao the dragon has been listening to their conversation, who remembers seeing the symbol on 3-D Man's chest before, and wants to do research.

In Iceland, the team faces a group of rogue agents, who have gained control of a crowd of giant monsters. Though Namora and M-11 do the most damage against the monsters, it is ultimately Venus who saves the day again. On the way back, the heroes discuss the team, and promise to help 3-D Man to investigate the death of Chuck Chandler. However, 3-D Man thinks the Uranian is keeping a secret...

In a mysterious chamber, a cadre of seven three-eyed green-skinned beings are afraid. Tey worry that 3-D Man is about to unite his strength with that of what was once Department Zero... just as, fifty years before in another universe, a version of Chuck Chandler led Department Zero to their mysterious detriment. They plan to solve the problem with a squadron...

Appearing in "2nd Story"

Featured Characters:



Synopsis for "2nd Story"

In 1958, Departmen Zero was sent to fight a Yellow Claw operation in Maine. The villain's plan was to use electrical broadcast to animate corpses as shamblin cannon fodder.

Or so Departmen Zero believes. In truth, the entire scenario is being run and managed by the Atlas Empire, and Plan Cu and Lao are watching the adventurers beating back the zombies with approval.

The heroes work out that there must be a transmitter to power the electroghouls, and with the help of a low-level Atlas technician they find in the graveyard, they are able to find and deactivate the machine, first telling the corpses to return to their graves. They are about to question the technician in depth when he is killed by a remotely-detonated cyanide implant in his nose. Woo vows to never stop hunting the villainous Yellow Claw.

From their stronghold under San Francisco, Plan Chu and Lao agree that Department Zero is shaping up well. One day, when Agent Woo is the head of the Atlas Empire, Department Zero will make an excellent inner circle. But for now, Plan Chu is content.

Solicit Synopsis

The new Era of Atlas kicks into high gear! The mystery of the former Avenger known as 3D-Man deepens- why does he remember working with Jimmy Woo's team in the 1950's when he wasn't even born yet? What is this strange presence that wants him dead? And what has The Uranian been hiding from his friends?

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