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Quote1.png This one was not a host. Delroy Garrett must be the only Trionic. All three crystals... he will be hard to kill. Quote2.png
—Extrinsic intruder

Appearing in "The Return of the Three Dimensional Man (Part 3)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Echo People

Other Characters:

  • Mike (Main story and flashback)



Synopsis for "The Return of the Three Dimensional Man (Part 3)"

At Hal Chandler's house in Flagstaff, AZ, the Agents of Atlas have arrived to survey the crime scene. According to the resonances that the Uranian was able to pick up, two police arrived at the crime scene acting strangely, and killed Hal Chandler and his brother Chuck.

Under psychic camouflage, the Agents follow this lead to the local precinct house, where they find two men with a strange energy signature waving a home-made scanning device over the body of Chuck Chandler. When the Agents overhear them, a third entity appears in Chuck Chandler and tips them off. Before the entities can "drop hosts" and escape, the entity in Chuck Chandler threatens all of 3-D Man's loved ones unless he surrenders himself to them.

Taking Chuck Chandler back to the Hidden City of Atlas, the Agents discover that the possessing entites were using some energy to maintain Chuck Chandler's life in hopes of locating the crystals. However, they also discover a new report - Sheri Dennon, 3-D Man's girlfriend, apparently killed herself. Venus thinks the attackers' third eyes are connected to the chakra points of Hinduism. The Uranian, menawhile, believes that the attackers are connected to the legacy of the 3-D Man. Jimmy Woo backs this up with a theory that they are attacking those around him because they cannot possess him - the entities are afraid of him.

At the Hidden City, 3-D Man confesses that the death of Sheri hit him hard because he was about to break up with her. If he had acted faster, she would still be alive. However, when one of the warrior scholars adresses Gorilla-Man as "Gorilla-Man" and not "General Hale", the Agents are alerted to an ambush, and the entire armed contingent in the room opens fire. M-11's forcefield protects them, but as Venus subdues the attackers, an archer fires from a flanking position and hits her in the back. As the attackers surge forward, Jimmy Woo orders Namora to make a break for the armory - only for Namora to reveal that she has been possessed as well.

Appearing in "The Human Robot"

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Synopsis for "The Human Robot"

In 1954, a renegade robot went berserk in an Atlas manufactory. As the workers brought forward an override device, the robot was faced with a recording of Plan Chu. The recording tells the robot that its designation is Menacer-11, or M-11, and that it exists to serve the Atlas Foundation. With its weapnry, the M-11 will be a valuable addition to Atlas' armory, and help to bring the world's armies to their knees. However, the recording cuts out, as an internal memory plays - the scientist that made the M-11, telling it that with his death, he can give it emotion and freedom from Atlas' brainwashing. With his dying breath, he refers to M-11 as "Human Robot".

As the memory ends, the M-11 picks up the operative with the override device and makes for the cliffs. However, as it prepares to drop the man to his death, it remebers the two recordings - it was intended as a mindless destroyer, but it can choose to be something else. Putting the man down, it walsk into the ocean.

Four years later, it is pulled out of the sea by Namora at the behest of Special Agent Woo. After repairs have completed, M-11 agrees to join Department Zero of the FBI.

Solicit Synopsis

The 3D Man has been found, and if ATLAS stands with him they die with him- and even the Hidden City isn't safe from the unstoppable beings known as THE ECHO PEOPLE. The one agent who can help the most is hit the hardest! AND turn back half a century for a strange insight, the dreams of a killer robot!

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