The Atmospheric Moisture Freezing Device was first developed using a crystalline nucleation process designed by Agent Simmons and a delivery mechanism invented by Agent Fitz.

An upgraded version was designed and constructed by S.H.I.E.L.D. cadets Donnie Gill and Seth Dormer hoping to sell it to Ian Quinn.

One of its rarest components, Thermopile radiation sensors, were shipped to Seth's father, a lawyer for Quinn Worldwide. While being shipped to the Sandbox it is revealed the Donnie has been altered by the device giving him cryogenic powers. [1]

When Victoria Hand had The Bus brought to The Hub in order to take out Coulson's Team and John Garrett because she believed that they were undercover Hydra agents, Agent Ward gave Agent Coulson a list of the various items on-board the Bus that they did not want her to obtain, since they believed she was the Clairvoyant. Among those items was "Donnie's Weather Machine." [2]

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