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There are two drastically different tales to the origin, life and death of Atrahasis, though many elements of them fit together.

King of Asgalun

Atrahasis was descended from generations of kings in Asgalun, a city-state of Shem. Atrahasis was allegedly the better kings Asgalun ever had. His brother, Nim-Karrak, had obvious whom Atrahasis ignored. He took N'Yaga from the Southern Isles as his informal advisor.

He had a motherless daughter, Bêlit (whose name meant "Goddess" in the Shemitish tongue). He taught her sailing aboard the Tigress, while N'Yaga gave her her non-royal education. Atrahasis had the Tigress to be ready to sail at any time, as if he had expected to suffer treachery.[3]

The Stygians ploted a palace revolt, masterminded by Ctesphon's agent Ptor-Nubis.[2] One night, the Stygians infiltrated the palace, aided by Nim-Karrak, and proceeded to slay the followers of Atrahasis.[3] Atrahasis was about to be slain, but his Stygian assaillant was killed himself by Ptor-Nubis. Atrahasis was then taken to the capital of Stygia, Luxur.[2]

He was believed to have been killed.[3] He remained in the Royal Dungeon of Luxur during the time Hath-Horeb raised Ctesphon II. After his coronation, Ctesphon had all the prisoners executed to make space for the people he wished himself to imprison.[4]


N'Yaga fled with Bêlit and a few royal guardsmen, and sailed off aboard the Tigress. They went to the Southern Isles, where N'Yaga presented Bêlit as the daughter of the death-goddess Derketa to protect her. She eventually become the leader of Black Corsairs,[3] plundering ships to acquire the wealth to hire troops, depose Nim-Karrak and avenge Atrahasis.[5][2]

Dread Amiral

Atrahasis was a dread pirate of Asgulin. He was funded, like other pirates, by the money-lender Pheidus. As Atrahasis sought to retire in order to raise his daughter Bêlit, Pheidus and other "old friends" of Atrahasis had him ramooned on a sandbar, to die.[6]



The Tigress[1]


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