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A daughter of Thanos, Atrea who is unlike her siblings, possessing their support for Thanos' ideology, questions her father's motives "too many times". Her question ultimately cost her to have her left arm entirely stripped to a skeleton, but functional, as a punishment even when she tried to tell Thanos to stop.

Sometime later, Atrea self-exiled herself from Acheron to her own paradise realm. When the Fantastic Four transported to Acheron in order for Thanos to possess the Cosmic Cube, Atrea knew that the team are in dire consequences. Feeling an affinity for the Thing, she whisked away Ben Grimm to her dimension. She then explained her reason to Ben that she should 'save' what was about to happen to Earth, its inhabitants and the universe from her father. Though Ben willingly want to regroup with his friends and stop Thanos, Atrea tried to convince him not to by revealing much about her father and his intentions with the Cosmic Cube. For example, she toured with him to the completely frozen world of Sidris displaying of Thanos' past ruthlessness. Finally, she then revealed that she intended to have Ben as her lover. Ben rejected Atrea's offer, angering her to display her power against him, intending to kill him. But, at this point Ben pointed out to her that she is no different from Thanos, forcing Atrea to guiltily relent. Atrea then promised to help Ben stop her father.[1]

After regrouping with Reed Richards, Atrea and the remaining Four travel to a changed Earth where she distracts her father allowing Ben and Reed to free Susan and Johnny Storm. Following this, Atrea witnessed Thanos' defeat and permanent death.[2] Atrea also learned the origin of the Cosmic Cube. It was revealed that the paradox of Reed's manufactured Cube was that the item was, in reality, the original Cube that Thanos first discovered.

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