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Quote1.png Those tentacles! They were coming from some kind of... I don't know what this atrocity is! In fact, that's what I'm gonna call it... Atrocity. 'Cause Big Scary Tentacle Monster Thingy takes way too long to say. That, and Fin Fang Foom was already taken. Quote2.png


Atrocity was created after Anti-Venom, went into a blind rage, accidentally knocked Otto Octavius and Walker Sloan into Walker Sloan's Gateway. The three fused in the time-space continuum.

Atrocity would occasionally attack Parker or O'Hara with its teleportation tentacles throughout their journey in the Alchemax building, until it eventually revealed itself and attacked Peter Parker. Atrocity was defeated, but would later appear again, attempting to kill Peter Parker at the same time the CEO was fighting Miguel O'Hara. Parker manipulated Atrocity into attacking electrified pillars, stunning it. Peter took this opportunity to remove Atrocity's tentacles, and send them through the time gateway. These tentacles were then used to drain the CEO of his powers. After both Atrocity and the CEO were vulnerable, they were knocked into the gateway together simultaneously, resetting the timeline.[1]



Teleportation: It is able to teleport through time and space, and even reside in the time stream itself.

Portal Creation Manipulation: It can use portals to teleport it's tentacles to any location throughout the Alchemax building.


Electricity can incapacitate him, due to the quantum particles inside of it.


Atrocity in the DS/3DS version of the game.


  • Atrocity was voiced by Fred Tatasciore.[1]
  • Both Spider-Men repeatedly refer to the Atrocity as a male due to it's build looking like that of a male.

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