Quote1.png America was a noble experiment, but it has failed. And as is always the case with experiments, when they fail, they must be flushed away. We are The Fist, and this day we begin the destruction of this country. Quote2.png
-- Aisa src


Atropos was the Olympian Goddess of Fate.[1]

As Aisa, she became one of the leaders of The Fist.[3]

When Dr. Alexi Cronos revealed to Spider-Man his affiliation to The Fist, Aisa remotely killed Cronos.[4] She intervened between Captain America, Spider-Man, and Qweeg by dropping an automated tank in the middle of Times Square. While the heroes were distracted, Aisa escaped with Qweeg, recruiting him into Fist.[2] She and Qweeg climbed the Rocky Mountains to recruit Glorianna.[5]

Asia revealed herself and The Fist by broadcasting a message on television describing their anarchist ideology and belief that the United States of America had failed to live up to the ideals that it was founded on.[6]



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