Quote1.png I've watched humanity throughout the ages. They kill each other for war. For entertainment. For gain. For sport. I've spent a millennia sitting in judgement of them, and I am frankly sick of it. Quote2.png
-- Aisa src


Aisa seemingly had the same history as her mainstream Aisa counterpart, until a time-traveling Spider-Man arrived in 2019 A.D. to prevent Earth-TRN590's 2099 A.D. from becoming reality and to restore his native reality by stopping the Fist's terrorist plan.

After a mysterious new Spider-Man killed the Fist's leader, Tyler Stone, Aisa unleashed New York's population against the heroes. This new Spider-Man figured out that the people were being controlled by the Didjyman App. Lyla tracked down the signal and destroyed Aisa's computers, with her owner, the time-displaced Miguel O'Hara to break into her base. She tried to kill him using her powers, but found them ineffective since his counterpart was already dead. Revealing this to Spider-Man, he became confused enough to allow Aisa to escape.[2]



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