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Captain Atlas was one of the motherworld's most decorated soldiers. He first met Doctor Minerva when he was sent to Earth to retrieve her after she had signaled the Kree Empire that she had successfully unlocked her body's genetic potential. Minerva took a liking to Atlas and shared the Psyche-Magnitron process with him, causing him to transform into a superbeing who she considered to be her most eugenically ideal mate. As they were preparing to leave Earth, Atlas saw images of the Quantum Bands worn by Quasar and believed that they might be the legendary Power-Bands of Rinn.[4]

Posing as "Mr. Atlas" and "Dr. Minerva" from Xenotech, the two Kree attended the the first international weapons exhibition to be held by A.I.M. and offered to pay them $100 million per bracelet if their technicians could acquire working replicas of the Quantum-Bands. A.I.M. sent M.O.D.A.M. to take them from Quasar but he defeated her.[3]

While in a New Mexico desert, Atlas and Minerva secretly watched as Quaser found and captured Halflife. Apparently obtaining the specific energy signature of the bands at that time, the two Kree were then able to track him to his home in Connecticut and, once he had fallen asleep, they used a synaptic disruptor to make sure he remained unconscious while they abducted him to their starcruiser. However, when Minerva's attempt to obtain the bands led to her trying to use a laser to cut off his left arm caused Quasar to awaken, he swiftly defeated both of them and ordered them to stay away from Earth in the future.[4]

Captain Atlas later worked with Doctor Minerva again during the Kree/Shi'ar conflict known on Earth as Operation: Galactic Storm and retrieved Captain Mar-Vell's Nega-Bands.[5] Atlas wore the Nega-Bands for a short time, and used them to switch places with Rick Jones.[6] Atlas battled the Avengers and the Shi'ar but when he discovered that the war had been instigated by the Supreme Intelligence in order to irradiate and jump start the evolution of the Kree, Atlas became disillusioned and claimed that he had activated his battle suit's self-destruct program in order to commit suicide. Doctor Minerva tried to stop his suicide but was seemingly vaporized along with him.[7]

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In actuality, this suicide was merely a tactic which Atlas and Minerva used to covertly escape from the Avengers by teleporting away under the cover of the blast. They ended up on a remote planet where they planned to become the parents of a race of Kree supermen. When the Silver Surfer happened to encounter them there, Minerva and Atlas attacked him but were easily defeated. Atlas again posed as a suicidal warrior, claiming that he had intended to kill himself on Hala but had lost his nerve and now felt that his honor demanded that he die because he had disgraced himself. Taken in by this ploy, the Surfer agreed to leave them there and keep the fact that they were still alive a secret.[8]

Years later, Captain Atlas set out to invade Earth on behalf of the Kree. To this end, he enlisted the services of Spymaster to steal multiple of Iron Man's armor to empower his army.[9] Adopting the identity of Titanium Man, At-Lass joined the team of super villains gathered by Spymaster to complete his mission. The team carried out a heist on the Avengers Tower, and Spymaster used miniature teleporters to send numerous Iron Man suits to Atlas' ship, and teleported himself away as well. In order to tie loose ends, Titanium Man offered to teleport the rest of the villains to Spymaster's buyer, taking them with himself and revealing his true identity only after neutralizing them.[10] After the villains freed themselves, Captain Atlas' ship was attacked by Iron Man, who had been alarmed of the theft. Spymaster's former allies joined forces with Iron Man to defend the Earth from Atlas' invasion attempt, and during the subsequent fight, Atlas was vaporized by Unicorn.[9]




  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant.




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