Atticus Trask was a time traveler from the 21st Century and a member of the notorious Trask family. It is unknown what his relation is to Bolivar Trask is, but Atticus was intent on using his family's Sentinel technology to eliminate mutants.

To this end he traveled back in time to March of 1943 and used Nazi resources to build Sentinels using Sleeper technology, then bury them with instructions to eliminate the members of the X-Men in the future. He decided that rather than fully hide the evidence, he would obfuscate it, taking pictures of the 1940s robots on his modern smartphone but applying a sepia filter, so as to confuse everyone.

His activities were learned by the US Army who dispatched Captain America and Bucky to investigate. While they were staking out the operation, Atticus was suddenly attacked by Cable a mutant warrior from the future who had come back in time to stop Atticus Trask's plans. Cable allied himself with Cap and Bucky and the trio easily destroyed the Sentinels and burned all evidence of them before Cable brought Atticus back to the present.[1]

His subsequent fate is unknown.

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