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The origins of Attila the Hun are lost to the ages; however, he was the ruler of the Hunnic Empire from 434 to 453 AD.

During the battle of Chalons in 451 AD, Attila the Hun's attempts to invade Champagne-Ardenne were thwarted thanks to the assistance of 1940s time traveler Tommy Tyme, whose knowledge proved useful to Roman general Flavius Aëtius, who drove Attila and his minions back.[1]

Atilla died in the early months of 453 AD, following an invasion of Italy. The accounts of his death vary depending on the few credible historical records available.[2]

His soul was sent to one of the many Hell Realms that exist in the afterlife, and became one of the most respected masters of torture under the command of a demon calling himself Satan. This demon made a pact with Adolf Hitler prior to the outbreak of World War II, and by the spring of 1943, "Satan" was not impressed with Hitler's progress following losses at the Russian front. Deciding it was time to replace Hitler with a more competent minion, Satan had his lover Madam Satan bring Attila with her to the surface world to take Hitler's place.

Surprisingly, Hitler ceded control of the Nazis to Attila after Madam Satan showed the Fuhrer a gas that could turn people to stone. However, Attila did not get the chance to command his newly-acquired army, thanks to the intervention of the Destroyer. Although the Destroyer was initially turned into stone, he was restored to normal by exposure to heat, the one element that could reverse the transformation into stone. Battling with Attila, the Destroyer tossed the ancient warrior into a nearby fireplace. Contact with the flames shunted him back to Hell, and Madam Satan followed after him in defeat.[3]

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