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Quote1 Death to Sub-Mariner!! Only Attuma will wear the crown of Atlantis!! Quote2


Early Life[]

Attuma (Earth-616) from Dark Reign Made Men Vol 1 1 001

Attuma as a child

The barbarian warlord known as Attuma was part of a sect of Homo mermanus, part of the Skarka Tribe that was exiled from the city of Atlantis some time ago, likely over their opposition of the royal ruling class. Prophecies spoke that a warrior would be born from the Skarka who would conquer Atlantis by force. Before Attuma was even born, his tribe was captured by the barbarian warrior Rorak. He had heard of the prophecy and sought to rule Atlantis by controlling the warrior's fate. Attuma was born during the battle, but his mother didn't survive. Attuma kept a clot of her blood from her heart. When Rorak saw this, he was so impressed that he spared the child's life. However, Attuma was put into slavery for years alongside all the women and children of his tribe. But while others grew weak and died, Attuma thrived working on the mines. The young Attuma soon grew strong, cunning and ruthless. Later as a youth, Attuma led his fellow Skarka to an uprising that slaughtered Rorak's minions while Rorak himself fled.[13]

During Attuma's teenage years, his father and chieftain of the Skarka Tribe - Attukar - began arranging for a treaty between the Atlantean Empire and the Skarka Tribe. Encountering the Atlantean prince Namor for the first time, the two initially became rivals for the affection of Lady Dorma but set aside their differences and began developing a burgeoning friendship for the sake of peace between their peoples.[4] To encourage diplomatic relations, Attuma, Namor, and Dorma were sent to accompany the Swift Tide - an elite group of Atlantean warrior-women - on a mission to recover the Unforgotten Stone, an eldritch artifact created by the Great Old Ones. The mission ended in disaster when the Swift Tide were mutated into predatory monsters by the Unforgotten Stone's power;[14] and their ensuing rampage - which resulted in the death of King Attukar and everyone else present at the Orreki Reefs - destroyed all hope of peace between the Skarka Tribe and the Atlantean Empire, and friendship between Attuma and Namor.[15]

The Skarka Tribe then settled in an area of the ocean referred to as the "Murky Depths". This society, too, prophesied that one of their own would one day overthrow the throne of Atlantis. From that moment on, Attuma was told by his people that he would be that person and since then he has lived by the sword.[9] Through the years, Attuma grew to be the most powerful of his people, his ruthlessness cementing him as their leader.[16] Attuma transformed the Skarka Tribe into an army of thousands from the Murky Depths, leading his tribe on a path of violent conquest.[13] At some point in his adult life, Attuma sired a number of children. His first born was Andromeda with Lady Gelva, an Atlantean aristocrat allied with Attuma whom the warlord personally despised. Andromeda shamed Attuma for being female. Nonetheless, Attuma had the girl trained to be a warrior as though she were Attuma's son. Andromeda sought to prove herself by joining the Atlantean Army that opposed her father. The fate of his other children are unknown, however its possible they were estranged from their father in much the same way Andromeda was.[17]

Bid for Conquest[]

Attuma (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 33 001

Attuma's original armor[16]

In the modern age, Attuma decided to meet his supposed destiny and made a bit to conquer Atlantis, which at the time was ruled by the Namor - now known as the Sub-Mariner. Although Attuma's armies were many, they were no match for the army of Atlantis. However, the battle soon turned to Attuma's favor when Namor spurred the love of Lady Dorma. Angry at the Sub-Mariner for rejecting her love, she assisted Attuma in breaching the defenses of Atlantis in exchange for ruling at his side. Dorma realized the grave error she made when Attuma rejected her after they battled through the defenses. Seeking aid, Dorma went to the surface world and enlisted Namor's sometime enemies the Fantastic Four, convincing them that Attuma would be an even greater threat to the surface world than Namor ever could be. Operating in secret, the Fantastic Four routed Attuma's armies and the Invisible Girl utilized her powers to assist Namor in combat against Attuma. Unaware of this aid, Namor defeated Attuma in one-on-one combat and defeated him. With his armies crushed, Attuma was summarily ejected from Atlantis, the first of many embarrassing defeats.[16]

Recovering from this defeat, Attuma decided to set his sights to conquer the surface world instead. Needing to study humans, Attuma and his forces constructed a base on a deserted island. They then captured a commercial airliner to study the people on board. Seeing a woman among their numbers, Attuma decided to begin his study with her. This proved to be Attuma's undoing as the woman in question was Janet van Dyne, secretly the size changing hero known as the Wasp. As she was being taken prisoner, Janet contacted her partner Giant-Man to come and rescue her. Giant-Man came to the island and attacked Attuma and his minions, passing Janet her Wasp costume. Faced with humans who could change their size at will and fly, Attuma decided to abandon his plans for conquest for the time being and fled the scene.[18] Attuma and his horde later discovered a supply of the rare metal Nautilium and used it to construct a weapon that could launch a missile onto the surface, that once detonated, would make the air on the surface unbreathable to humans so that he and his forces could conquer the surface. The preparation of this attack happened to fall on the day that the armored hero Iron Man was testing a new prototype submarine for the government. Attuma's forces attacked the intruder, doing nothing more than tipping Iron Man off to their plans. After a clash with Attuma himself, Iron Man escaped and then piloted the sub at the massive cannon. When the sub crashed it blew up, destroying the weapon foiling Attuma's plans. Without a new supply of Nautilium, Attuma could not rebuild the cannon and fled.[19]

Attuma later became a thrall of the Fantastic Four's arch-nemesis Doctor Doom, when the villains used his "emotion changer" device to send an army of super-villains to attack the wedding of the Fantastic Four's Mister Fantastic and Invisible Girl. The attack was defended by a number of super-heroes who were in attendance at the wedding. When Attuma and his forces surfaced in Hudson River, they were knocked back below the waves when the hero Daredevil sent a truck carrying a bomb brought by the terrorist organization Hydra slamming into the waters. Eventually Mister Fantastic was given a "Time Displacer" device by the Watcher that banished all the villains with no memory of the attack they were manipulated into participating in.[20][21]

Attuma (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 26 001

Second armor

Seeking to conquer the surface world again, Attuma built a tidal wave device which was remotely controlled by his private craft. Spotting a woman swimming in the waters, Attuma captured her not realizing that this was once again the Wasp. As such, he was unprepared when the Wasp used her size changing powers to contact her teammates in the Avengers for help. When most of the team arrived to save her, Attuma and his minions captured the heroes. When Attuma's bravery was questioned by his troops, Attuma agreed to battle them all in one-on-one combat. However during the course of the battle, the heroes broke a support pillar in the vessel causing the room they were fighting in to fill with water, giving Attuma the upper hand.[22] Although Attuma won the initial bout, the Avengers broke free again thanks to the arrival of their teammate Hawkeye. With his plan falling apart, Attuma attempted to activate the tidal wave weapon unaware it was rigged to explode by Captain America. As the Avengers fled the scene, Attuma attempted to activate the device triggering it to explode, ending his threat.[23]

Attuma (Earth-616) from Tales to Astonish Vol 1 88 001

Third armor

Focus on Atlantis[]

Attuma then resumed his focus on Atlantis, although his next attempt to attack the golden realm was foiled by the Sub-Mariner. After this most recent loss, Attuma came across some good fortune when an alien ship accidentally dropped a Servo-Robot into the Earth's oceans near Attuma's realm. Attuma and his horde managed to incapacitate the robot and reprogram it to do their bidding. Attuma then sent the robot to attack Atlantis.[24] The forces of Atlantis and the Sub-Mariner were no match for the robot, but suspecting its alien origins Namor and Lady Dorma succeeded in contact the aliens who owned the device. When the aliens returned to Earth and recovered the Servo-Robot, Attuma and his forces fled.[25] Attuma soon got a taste of ruling over Atlantis when Byrrah, step-son to the late King Thakorr, usurped rule of Atlantis from the Sub-Mariner using special lights to alter the will of the people. Attuma joined Byrrah and the exiled Warlord Krang in ruling Atlantis. With only Dorma and his adviser Lord Vashti still remaining loyal to him, Namor was quickly subdued and exiled from the kingdom. Attuma and his allies then began constructing a whirlpool device to use against the surface world. However the plan began to fall apart when Dorma and Vashti destroyed the lights allowing the people of Atlantis to shake off its effects. Namor soon returned from his exile and destroyed the whirlpool weapon and Attuma fled to avoid capture.[26]

Attuma (Earth-616) from Sub-Mariner Vol 1 4 001

Electrified armor[27]

Not long after during a period of time where Namor was believed to have died while in exile, the people of Atlantis left their devastated homes to seek a new kingdom elsewhere. When Attuma learned of this he chose that moment to strike against the people of Atlantis. He faced opposition from another barbarian known as Gorgul, whom Attuma violently attacked, blinding him. Attuma then captured the people of Atlantis, enslaving them and making Lady Dorma -- the de facto ruler of the kingdom -- his prisoner. Namor was later found by Attuma's warrior Kor-Konn and taken prisoner. Seeking to prove himself as their leader, Attuma agreed to battle Namor one-on-one using a suit of electrified armor to enhance his strength. Meanwhile, Gorgul sacrificed his life to free Lady Dorma and directed her to the controls for Attuma's armor. When Dorma destroyed the device, Attuma's advantage ended and Namor easily defeated him in combat. Namor then freed his people and went his own way as he was still in exile.[28]

Shortly thereafter, after Namor returned to the throne of Atlantis, Attuma plotted another revenge scheme. Unknown to Namor at the time his resident scientist Ikthon was really a spy for Attuma. Attuma then had Ikthon "kidnapped" to build a boring device to use to flood the surface world. Next, Attuma's armies began attacking cruise ships in the name of Namor, turning the surface world against him. One of the people captured was Namor's ally Diane Arliss. The series of attacks drew Namor's allies Triton of the Inhumans and the undersea hero known as Stingray. Attuma then captured them and revealed his plans, then forced them to battle against each other. Having deduced Attuma's plot, Namor and his allies overloaded the force field that kept them imprisoned and fought back. A design flaw in the boring device caused it to explode seemingly slaying Attuma. Namor then rescued all his foes captives including Diane, and he also welcomed back Ikthon into Atlantis, unaware that he was willing participant in the days events.[29] Ikthon continued working for Attuma, using the resources of Atlantis to construct various weapons for his master including Octo-Tanks, and a cannon that could burn the oxygen out of the water. When Attuma and his forces attacked again it was on the day that Namor and Lady Dorma were to be married by Proteus. Namor and his allies fought back Attuma and his forces, however in the confusion of the battle Namor's foe Llyra kidnapped and posed as Lady Dorma in the hopes of becoming queen to the Atlantean throne.[30]

In quick succession, Namor discovered that Llyra was posing as Lady Dorma during the wedding. When Llyra learned that the wedding was not legal, she fled to get revenge against Namor by promising harm to Dorma. Before Namor could follow after her, Attuma resumed his attacks with a new earth boring device. During this conflict, Namor learned that Ikthon was in league with Attuma the whole time. Namor incapacitated Attuma's earth boring device and buried his foe alive. Then confronting Ikthon, Namor learned where Llyra was keeping Dorma captivate. Although he rushed to the aid of his new bride, Namor was too late to prevent Llyra from murdering her. Namor blamed Attuma for specifically slowing him down, making Namor incapable of preventing the tragedy.[31] While in mourning, Namor removed himself from ruling Atlantis, leaving his people to fend for themselves. Without their respective leaders, the people of Atlantis were able to defend their land from Attuma's hordes.[32]

Failed Alliances[]

Freeing himself, Attuma soon allied himself with the Russian scientist known as the Red Ghost who offered to use his expertise in cosmic rays to enthrall sea life to bolster Attuma's ranks. However the process was not perfect and required them to kidnap a leading marine biologist. The news of attacks on Atlantis got to Namor who rushed to Atlantic City with his comrades in the Defenders. They fought Attuma's forces, but they failed to stop the kidnapping of the scientist and Namor, Hawkeye, and the Valkyrie were captured. Their comrade the Hulk fled the scene after a previous bad experience below the waves, and Attuma allowed the brute to depart, not viewing him as a threat.[33] Using the captured scientists to their advantage, Attuma and the Red Ghost also enslaved Namor, Valkyrie and Hawkeye and used them in another attack on Atlantis. This plan was foiled when the Hulk's knowledge led his teammates Doctor Strange and the Silver Surfer to the battle. Learning that cosmic rays were what were keeping the heroes in Attuma's thrall, the Surfer and Strange combined their powers to briefly cut off ambient cosmic rays from the Earth, freeing their comrades from their enslavement. The Red Ghost then fled, and Namor defeated Attuma in one-on-one combat again, sending his forces on yet another retreat.[34]

Some months later, the people of Atlantis were placed in suspended animation. Namor was spending his time living on the artificial island known as Hydrobase with a number of humans who were transformed into amphibians that were seeking to cure themselves and reverse the condition placed on the Atlanteans. During this period, Attuma teamed up with two of Namor's other foes, Doctor Dorcas and Tiger Shark. The trio quickly took over Hydrobase while Namor was away and enslaved the amphibians on the island, forcing them to build munitions for their bid to conquer the world. When Namor returned to the island he was ambushed by the trio and easily bested in battle.[35] The Sub-Mariner was imprisoned, but soon his sometime ally Doctor Doom came to his aid. Doom made short work of the villains defenses and with the assistance of Namor's long time ally Betty Dean infiltrated Hydrobase. However, in the ensuing battle with Namor, Doctor Dorcas tried to shoot Namor. Seeing this, Betty dove in the way taking the fatal blow herself, dying in Namor's arms.[36] Doom then pulled an enraged Namor away from the battle so they could plan an appropriate counter attack. Attuma and his allies were incapable of fighting off Doom and Namor's counter attack. During the battle Attuma's warrior Kor-Konn and court jester Saru-San were slain by Doctor Doom, while Namor seemingly slew Doctor Dorcas in revenge for his murder of Betty Dean. Meanwhile, Attuma, and Tiger Shark were bested in battle and taken prisoner.[37]

Attuma quickly escaped Hydrobase and regathered his troops and began plotting yet another scheme. Spotting the Avenger known as the Vision disposing of the Serpent Crown, Attuma had his minions attack and incapacitate the android hero. Attuma then sent his minions Lord Arno and the genetically enhanced Tyrak to attack Avengers Mansion. Tyrak slipped past the Avengers security by posing as Triton, but when his deception was revealed he attacked. Tyrak easily defeated Captain America, Iron Man, the Scarlet Witch, Yellowjacket, and the Wasp, but the Beast managed to escape.[38] Attuma placed slave collars on the Avengers and sent them to attack Hydrobase thinking the Sub-Mariner was there, instead the Avengers fought and battled Doctor Doom who easily defeated them. As Attuma went off on his true goal, the Beast recruited his comrades the Whizzer and Wonder Man to help rescue the Avengers.[39] Attuma meanwhile attacked a sea platform where scientists were testing out a new chlorobeam device. Attuma's attack on the station was interrupted by the Beast, Whizzer and Wonder Man. The battle was going in their favor until the Sub-Mariner arrived and Attume tricked Namor into thinking the gathered Avengers were his allies. As Namor fought the three heroes, Attuma made good his escape with the chlorobeam, unaware that the Beast stowed away aboard his escape ship.[40] The Beast led his comrades to Attuma's base of operations. Attuma then used the chlorobeam to strengthen Tyrak even more. This upper hand was short lived when Doctor Doom and the now freed Avengers arrived. During the fight Tyrak and Attuma were defeated and Doctor Doom fled with the chlorobeam. However, the Avengers managed to track down Doom and destroy the device before he could use it for his own ends.[41]

Escaping once again, Attuma sought to sire a race of Atlantean-mutant hybrids to use as powerful warriors against Namor and his kingdom. To this end, he captured Phoenix of the X-Men and Sara Grey while they were sailing out on the Gardener's Bay. Attuma then used Atlantean science to convert them into underwater breathing Atlanteans. When the barbarian made his offer to Phoenix, she refused and was able to overpower his psi-scramblers. Then with the full force of her powers easily defeated Attuma and his armies, restored herself and Sara back to normal and fled Attuma's kingdom.[42]

Attuma (Earth-616) from Alpha Flight Vol 1 33 001

Fourth armor

Ruler of Atlantis[]

Soon a series of events came together that allowed Attuma to finally gain control of the Atlantean throne. Namor eventually restored his people to normal and resumed leadership of them for a time.[43] However Namor's various absences from the kingdom forced the ruling council of Atlantis to force Namor to abdicate the throne. This left Lord Vashti, priest Shakkoth, Warlord Thakos, and Namor's cousin Dara to rule the kingdom.[44] With Namor absent from the kingdom, Shakkoth started a civil war with the other members of the council. With the kingdom divided and the main armies. With no other choice, Dara, Thakos, and Vashti hired Attuma and his barbarian horde to deal with the civil unrest. Attuma agreed to do so under one condition: That he take over rule of Atlantis. With no other choice, the council accepted and Attuma's army vanquished that of Shakkoth and his followers. Seeking to gain the loyalty of the people of Atlantis, Attuma then began punishing those who were still loyal to Namor. To help sway public opinion Attuma also revealed that during his exile, Namor had joined the Avengers as well as married the Plodex female known as Marrina, who had since become a monstrous creature. These truths that did not sit well with the people of Atlantis.[45]

Attuma (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 272 001

Fifth armor

In order to further gain the support of the people of Atlantis, Attuma personally saw to a hunting party trying to track Marrina.[46] Despite her attempts at fleeing, Marrina was no match for Attuma and his crew who easily captured her,[47] and put her on display in Atlantis in the hopes of luring the Sub-Mariner out into the open.[48] Sure enough, those unhappy with Attuma's rule sought to have Namor reclaim his throne and sent Byrrah out to locate Namor. Although the Sub-Mariner was reluctant to trust his cousin, he reluctantly agreed to return to Atlantis if only to save Marrina from her fate.[49] Sure enough when Namor saw that Marrina was in fact a prisoner of Attuma, Namor attacked his former kingdom.[50] Attuma sent his armies to fight off against Namor, and the former king was disgusted to see that his former people actually supported Attuma as their leader. Forced to retreat, Namor refused to allow Marrina to remain the prisoner of Attuma. While he went to recruit the Avengers he sent Byrrah to collect Marrina's former teammates in the Canadian superhero team known as Alpha Flight.[51] Soon the combined forces of the Avengers and Alpha Flight stormed Atlantis, clashing with Attuma's armies. During the course of the battle, Marrina was freed and Namor defeated Attuma in battle.[52][53] Revealing that he had no interest in taking back control of Atlantis from him, Namor stopped hostilities, telling the people of Atlantis that they had the ruler they deserved and left.[53]

Later during the High Evolutionary's so-called Evolutionary War, the Evolutionary tricked Attuma's Atlantis into a conflict with the Deviants of Lemuria. This was an attempt to get the Atlanteans and Deviants in one place to sterilize them before setting off an evolutionary bomb to speed up humanities evolution by millions of years. This plot was foiled when the former Avenger known as Jocasta gathered the Captain, Beast, Hulk, Hercules, Falcon and the Yellowjacket into a de facto group of Avengers to foil this plot. Revealing the High Evolutionary's plan Attuma and Deviant leader Warlord Kro agreed to help the Avengers find the location of the High Evolutionary's bomb. They later located it on the island of Krakatoa. While Attuma and Kro's forces kept the High Evolutionary's armies at bay, the Avengers succeeded in destroying the bomb and saving the world.[54]

Not long after this, Deviant priest Ghaur sought to reconstitute the Serpent Crown in a quest to bring his master, the demon known as Set to Earth. To this end, he gathered Llyra, Warlord Krang, and Attuma to participate in what became known as the Atlantis Attacks conspiracy, offering his counterparts the world after they returned Set to their dimension. Attuma agreed to this plan and was primarily used to launch various attacks on the surface world to keep its heroes busy while Ghaur and his other allies sought to reconstitute the Serpent Crown and gather seven chosen women to be the brides of Set that were needed to be part of the ceremony. Attuma was also left oblivious to the fact that Ghaur also sought to sacrifice the people of Atlantis as an offering to Set.[55] Attuma and his armies were first sent to the Panama Canal to attack the locks. Their arrival also coincided with the arrival of ships from both Hydra and the Maggia who were attempting to ship illegal drugs into the United States. This smuggling was discovered by Iron Man and the Sub-Mariner who uncovered Attuma's presence during the battle and sent his forces fleeing. Attuma then returned to Atlantis where he was finally confronted by his daughter Andromeda. Andromeda challenged her father in battle but was defeated. Fleeing Atlantis, she then joined forces with General Dakkor to try and overthrow Attuma's rule.[17]

As Ghaur was preparing his final schemes, he assigned Attuma to send his armies to attack various American facilities. Attuma then sent Tyrak, Warlord Krang, Lord Arno, Orka and U-Man to attack Cape Canaveral, Fort Hamilton, Langley Air Base, and the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant. These attacks were opposed and repelled by the combined efforts of the Fantastic Four and both the east and west coast branches of the Avengers. With this most recent defeat Attuma began to doubt Ghaur's plans.[56] Attuma later launched an attack on a water filtration plant. The attack was interrupted by the unexpected arrival of the X-Factor's Marvel Girl and Beast, the former of which was being pulled from her home to become one of Set's seven brides. Mistaking Marvel Girl for the Phoenix, Attuma kidnapped her in order to force her to mate with him. Attuma was tracked down by the Beast and Andromeda, and during the battle the Beast escaped with Marvel Girl. However, in order to save Jean's life, the Beast was forced to turn her over to Ghaur. At that same time Ghaur prevented Attuma from slaying Andromeda so that she could also become one of Set's brides, much to the anger of Attuma.[57] Attuma was next ordered to attack New York City, an invasion that was opposed by the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. During the course of the battle Ghaur launched a nuclear attack on Atlantis, decimating the kingdom. Upon learning of this attack, Attuma lost all will to fight and surrendered to the American military.[58] Ultimately an army of Earth's heroes foiled Ghaur's plot to bring Set to Earth.[59]

Attuma was later released back to Atlantis and resumed his control over the kingdom. When the various kingdoms living in Subterranea began the Subterranean Wars, Attuma refused to get Atlantis involved hoping to conquer whoever remained in the aftermath of the conflict.[60]. Ultimately this was was stopped by the Avengers.[61] However Attuma soon fell out of rule in Atlantis though unknown circumstances, and Namor eventually regained control of his kingdom.[62]

Attuma (Earth-616) from Namor, the Sub-Mariner Vol 1 45 001

Sixth armor

Ruler of Old Atlantis[]

Since leaving modern day Atlantis, Attuma and his warriors set up camp in the ruins of the old Atlantis that resided near Antarctica. They then began attacking Japanese poaching vessels which were hunting whales in the region. Their attacks drew the attention of both the Sub-Mariner as well as the Japanese mutant known as Sunfire who came to the region to protect the vessels on behalf of the Japanese government. During the ensuing battle, Attuma capsized the Japanese ship but was ultimately forced to flee by Namor. The Sub-Mariner showed Sunfire and the crew the folly of poaching the whales when he utilized them to rescue the crew from the icy waters that would have otherwise caused them to die of hypothermia.[63]

Attuma later attacked by the Sea Leopard who was claiming loyal slaves in exchange for allowing Black Moray to collect the supply of Anti-Metal. The Sub-Mariner and his aid, Attuma's daughter Andromeda, soon came to the region to stop Black Moray from collecting the Anti-Metal. Both Attuma and Andromeda proved to be no match for the Sea Leopard in battle and he defeated them both.[64] Ultimately, Namor defeated the Sea Leopard in battle with the help of Andromeda and Attuma, and Black Moray fled when it became apparent that the Anti-Metal was not kept where it was thought to be located. Attuma offered his daughter the chance to join him at his side in Old Atlantis, grateful that she risked her life on her behalf, but he reverted back to his usual attitude when she refused to part Namor's side.[65]

Attuma (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk and Sub-Mariner Annual Vol 1 1998 001

Gamma mutated form[66]

Many months later, Atlantis was being ravaged by a plague called the Black Tide that threatened to wipe out the entire kingdom. Around this time, Attuma and his head scientist Zantor captured the Hulk after his alter-ego Bruce Banner failed to commit suicide in the ocean. Giving the Hulk an elixir to allow him to breath under water, Attuma stole a large quantity of the Hulk's gamma irradiated blood for his own experimentation, although the Hulk managed to escape. Attuma later conducted tests on the irradiated blood on Lord Vashti, who was infected with the Black Tide. It succeeded in temporarily mutating Vashti into a Hulk like creature and curing him of the Black Tide. Attuma later used this blood to mutate himself into a Hulk like creature as well and attacked Atlantis anew. The Hulk and the Sub-Mariner then joined forces and defeated Attuma by removing the device that continued to pump small quantities of the Hulk's blood into his body to maintain his enhanced form. Defeated, Attuma fled as he reverted back to human form. Namor and Bruce Banner later used the remainder of the blood to cure the Black Tide and remove the toxins from the waters around Atlantis, saving the Atlantean people.[67]

Second Conquest of Atlantis[]

Sometime later, Attuma made another attempt to conquer Atlantis, and was once again opposed by Namor and his loyal followers. This time however Namor lost when he was suddenly teleported away thanks to a curse placed on him by the mystic known as Yandroth. The curse would teleport the founding members of the Defenders to other crises whenever they came about. With Namor gone, Attuma quickly conquered Atlantis, enslaving Andromeda and Namor's cousin Namorita.[68] Attuma and the people of Atlantis were briefly enslaved by nanoprobes that were being field tested by the cyborg known as MODOK. They were forced to attack a Russian sub, but were forced back by the V-Battalion who were able to deactivate the nanoprobes.[69]

However, Attuma still controlled Atlantis and when the time traveler called Kang the Conqueror announced his bid to conquer the modern age, he called out to those who would help him rule. Attuma answered this call, sending his forces to attack the coast of Prince Edward Island.[70] Attuma had his minions unleash the beast known as Torg on the island province. Ultimately Torg was defeated and Attuma's forces were forced back below the waves by the Avengers.[71] Stingray later forced Attuma's army out of the region,[72] and eventually the Avengers defeated Kang.[73] Meanwhile, Namor continued to reclaim his throne attacking Attuma alone once again. Just when he was about to best Attuma in battle he was once again teleported away by Yandroth's curse.[74] Expecting Namor to try again, Attuma gathered other super-powered beings to help him defend his conquered throne. He gathered the Piranha, Orka, Nagala, Tiger Shark and the Sea Urchin, forming the group Deep Six. This time Namor arrived with his fellow Defenders, but when they were once again gaining the upper hand against Attuma and his forces, they were once again teleported away to fight another threat.[2] Eventually the Defenders returned a second time, this time free of Yandroth's curse long enough to defeat Attuma and Deep Six, Namor besting Attuma in battle once again. After Attuma fled, the Sub-Mariner liberated his captive friends and reclaimed the throne of Atlantis.[75]

Death and Resurrection[]

Shortly thereafter Attuma's universe and the universe of a distant cosmos were at risk of destruction when the cosmic being known as Krona attempted to merge them together. This plan was opposed by the Avengers and the Justice League of America.[76] The final battle took place on the corpse of the world devourer Galactus where various members of the Avengers and JLA from different time periods were forced to fight an army of villains brought forth by Krona. Attuma was one of the many villains brought into the battle, although he was quickly defeated by the Sub-Mariner. Eventually the crisis ended when the heroes stopped Krona and restored the natural order of both realities.[77] Attuma later attempted to invade Atlantis again but as in all other attempts he was stopped, this time by Hercules.[78]

Attuma (Earth-616) from Sentry Vol 2 1 001

Slain by the Sentry

Attuma later met his demise when attempting to invade New York City. His army of octo-mechs were opposed by the New Avengers. During the course of the battle, the New Avengers were joined by their most powerful member the Sentry. Flying through the battlefield, the Sentry decapitated Attuma, ending the invasion instantly.[8]

Attuma's body was recovered by Doctor Doom who used his skill to resurrect Attuma. Doom also enhanced Attuma giving him comparable abilities to Namor: enhanced strength, the ability to breath above water, and the power of flight. Doom offered this in exchange for Attuma's services in being on hand to battle Namor, whom Doom was currently in an alliance with at the time but knew that it would not last long given past experience. Doom also offered to make Attuma and his people his subjects offering all the resources of Latveria at his disposal. When Attuma first attempted to decline this offer, Doom reminded him that Attuma had always previously chose the sword and lost. Attuma then considered the situation for an hour and came to a decision.[79] Attuma's answer to Doom is unknown, however Namor did ultimately betray Doom and his cohorts. Since the disbandment of the Cabal which Doom was a part of, it is unknown if Attuma is bound by any promises to Doom.[80] Back in the oceans once more, Attuma managed to track down Rorak, his long ago tormentor. After laying waste to his army, Attuma confronted his enemy directly. Knowing that Attuma would kill him, Rorak begged him to spare his people from his wrath, to show them the same mercy he once granted the young warlord. But Attuma, knowing that he himself had rewarded Rorak's mercy by coming for revenge, declared mercy to be for fools and cowards and slew Rorak.[13]

Fear Itself The Deep Vol 1 4 Textless

Attuma as Nerkodd: Breaker of Oceans

Fear Itself[]

Around this time Sin, daughter of the Red Skull, released the long imprisoned former All-Father of Asgard known as the Serpent. The Serpent then began a global reign of fear to increase his power so that he could get revenge against his brother, Odin.[81] The Serpent summoned seven powerful hammers to Earth, the Hammer of Nerkkod landed in the oceans and was recovered by Attuma who was granted its power. With his new found powers, Attuma began attacking oil lines along the Pacific Ocean.[1] Moving up to the Canadian coast, Attuma -- now calling himself Nerkkod -- and his forces began attacking Vancouver, British Columbia.[82] His attack was opposed by the recently reformed Alpha Flight. During the course of the battle Alpha Flight's leader Guardian used his powers to teleport Attuma away to Cape Race, Newfoundland on the Atlantis coast. With their leader gone, Nerkkod's forces were driven back into the ocean.[83] With Guardian incapacitated, Attuma began attacking Canada's Atlantic Coast. Upon his arrival in St. John's, Newfoundland he was opposed by Speedball of the Avengers Academy.[84] Despite Speedball's best efforts, Nerkkod was too powerful and succeeded in flooding St. John's before departing to spread chaos elsewhere.[85]

Attuma returned to the west coast where he clashed with Atlantean warriors off of Salmon Arm, British Columbia leaving many dead in his wake.[86] Nerkkod's path of destruction left pods of dead whales on the coast of New Zealand, and massive tidal waves that decimated Hawaii. Ships along the US coast were razed as Nerkkod made a path for New Atlantis located below the mutant refuge known as Utopia. There Nerkkod and his army clashed with Namor who was no matched for his enhanced power and was forced to flee his kingdom, pulled away from the scene by the aquatic mutant known as Loa. With New Atlantis under his heel, Nerkkod left Tyrak, Tiger Shark and Aradnea to guard over his victory as he sought conquest elsewhere. Seeking to gain Nerkkod's favor, Aradnea used the weakening barriers between dimensions to utilize the Undying Ones to merge with sea creatures to unleash upon Namor wherever he was hiding. With the help of his long time ally Doctor Strange, Namor gathered a new team of Defenders including the Silver Surfer, the Savage She-Hulk and Loa to face this new threat.[87] As the heroes battled the sea creatures possessed by the Undying Ones,[88] Aradnea merged Tiger Shark with the Undying Ones leader the Nameless One and sent him with an army of Atlanteans possessed by Undying Ones as well. All these threats were stopped by these new Defenders.[89] Meanwhile, Nerkkod was gathering an army to attack the surface world, but Namor and his Defenders were there to face off against him. During the course of the battle Strange summoned more Defenders including Stingray, Son of Satan, Cloak, Dagger, Hellcat, Devil-Slayer, the Gargoyle, Moon Knight, Blazing Skull, Cloud, and the Black Panther to help fight Nerkkod's forces. Namor then battled Nerkkod in one-on-one battle, but with an assist from Loa, managed to rend his hammer away from him. With his powers weakening, Nerkkod was no match for the Sub-Mariner. Defeated in battle, Nerkkod recovered his hammer and fled back into the ocean.[90]

By this point the Serpent was reaching his end game and summoned Nerkkod and his other minions to a final battle with Earth's heroes in the town of Broxton, Oklahoma.[91] As the battle rage,[92] the heroes of Earth were assisted with enchanted weapons built in Asgard and blessed by Odin himself. Attuma battled the heroes until the Serpent fell in battle against Thor, with the Serpent dead the various hammers -- including the Hammer of Nerkkod -- were stripped away from their wielders, and Attuma was restored to normal.[93]

Ruler of Lemuria[]

Attuma (Earth-616) from Indestructible Hulk Vol 1 5 cover

Ruler of Lemuria[7]

Attuma returned to the oceans and quickly took over the undersea realm of Lemuria seeking to unlock its secrets as part of a grander scheme to conquer Atlantis once again. Having the mystics of Lemuria utilize Quantum Alchemy, they began working on "Attuma's Gift", a weapon that utilized Alkahest to melt any substance in the hopes of using it to decimate the surface world so he could use that as leverage to take over Atlantis.[7] Attuma became highly protective of the waters over Lemuria, unleashing its great beasts on any vessels in the area. This occurred at a time that Bruce Banner was working for the spy agency S.H.I.E.L.D. and needed to recover an ancient scroll. Sent to Lemuria aboard a Chinese submarine, Banner turned into the Hulk and attacked Attuma's forces but was quickly dragged deep underwater by one of Attuma's beasts.[94] Banner was rescued by Lemurian resistance fighters led by Canor and his mate Mara. The Hulk led a counter attack on Lemuria which Attuma and his forces attempted to repel. During the course of the battle Attuma unleashed a monster known as the Kophin which attempted to eat the Hulk. However the Hulk was too strong to be simply swallowed and digested and the Kophin spat the gamma spawned monster out. In a struggle with the Hulk, Attuma met his apparent demise when the brute tossed Attuma into the Kophin's maw. The creature promptly swallowed Attuma and departed in a crack in the ocean floor. With Attuma being out of the picture, his forces were easily defeated and Lemuria was liberated.[7]

Alliance with Atlantis[]

Zarda Shelton (Earth-21195) and Attuma (Earth-616) from Squadron Supreme Vol 4 1 001

Decapitated by Power Princess

Seeing that Atlantis had been weakened after its war with Wakanda, Attuma arranged a meeting with Namor, his long-time rival in the city of Atlantis. Attuma offered to join forces with Namor, willing to put their differences aside in order to restore Atlantis to its past glory. While Namor debated his offer, however, Atlantis was attacked by the Squadron Supreme, a group of merciless vigilantes that neutralized any potential threat to the world with extreme prejudice. Because of Namor's past invasions to the surface world, the Squadron determined he had to be dealt with.[95] Attuma fought side by side with his old nemesis in order to defend Atlantis from the Squadron. During the ensuing fight between Atlanteans and the Squadron, Attuma was decapitated by Power Princess.[10]

Following Namor's resurrection and the restoration of Atlantis, Attuma reappeared alive. With Atlantis being returned to its past glory and being ushered into a bright new era, Attuma remained allied to his old-time rival to help protect Atlantis from outside threats.[11]


Power Grid[103]
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Atlantean Physiology: Attuma enjoys the benefits of his Atlantean nature. However, Attuma is a super-being among his race and many of his natural Atlantean attributes are considerably more developed than the vast majority of his race.[96][97][98][99][100][101][102]

  • Amphibious Adaption: Attuma, like Namor, is capable of breathing both on land and underwater, whereas most Atlanteans can only survive out of the water for about 10 minutes without artificial aid.[96][97][98][99][100][101][102]
  • Superhumanly Acute Senses: Attuma's physical senses, like all those of his race, is specifically adapted to living in the ocean. Attuma's eyes are capable of seeing with perfect clarity, even in the near-total darkness of the ocean floor. He is also able to hear and smell under the water as well as humans do on land.[96][97][98][99][100][101][102]
  • Superhuman Strength: Attuma is superhumanly strong and is capable of lifting at least 60 tons while his body is even slightly wet, whereas the average Atlantean can lift about 4 tons. However, as Attuma's body dries, his physical strength dwindles at a steady pace. He has shown to lift about 40 tons while his body is dry. It is presumed that his strength would decrease further the longer he is unexposed to water.[96][97][98][99][100][101][102]
  • Superhuman Speed: Attuma can run and move at speeds greater than the finest human athlete. His superior speed also extends into swimming and he can reach a top speed of about 60 miles per hour, roughly equal to Namor.[96][97][98][99][100][101][102]
  • Superhuman Stamina: Attuma's musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of a human, or most Atlanteans for that matter. He can exert himself physically at peak capacity for about 24 hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood begins to impair him. Attuma's stamina, much like his strength, is dependent upon his contact with water. As his body dries, his physical stamina diminishes to an as yet unknown low.[96][97][98][99][100][101][102]
  • Superhuman Agility: Attuma's natural agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.[96][97][98][99][100][101][102]
  • Superhuman Durability: The tissues of Attuma's body are considerably harder and more resistant to physical injury than those of a human being, and the vast majority of his race. Attuma can withstand great impact forces, falls from great heights, high caliber bullets, powerful energy blasts, exposure to extremes in temperature and pressures, without sustaining physical injury. His durability is also dependent upon water. As he dries, his body's resistance to injury diminishes but does immediately increase the moment he makes contact with water.[96][97][98][99][100][101][102]
Enhancements (possibly formerly): After being resurrected by Doctor Doom, Attuma was given scientific and mystical enhancements that gave him the powers of Namor, including strength that rivaled Namor's, flight, and the ability to survive on dry land.[9] Following his death at the hands of Power Princess[10] and later resurrection,[11] it's unknown if he retained these powers.


Attuma is a formidable hand to hand combatant.[96][97][98][99][100][101][102]


Attuma, like all Atlanteans, is dependent upon water to maintain his usual level of vitality. The longer he is away from water, his physical attributes will diminish to an as yet unknown minimum level. It is possible that being out of the water for days at a time could result in death.[96][97][98][99][100][101][102]



Unique three-bladed sword that weighs 50 pounds.[96][97][98][99][100][101][102]

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