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Attuma was a Lemurian warlord that led the Undersea University.

Legends Assemble

Attuma was approached by A.I.M. to ally with them and Hydra to destroy Avengers Academy, Attuma already had plans to attack the surface world, so he accepted the alliance, and led an Undersea University army to attack the Avengers.

Attuma and his army created a huge tidal wave that submerged the Avengers Academy compound, they used that chance to abduct the Academy's faculty to disorient the students.

The students organized themselves and fought back against Attuma's army who were the first wave of enemies in the villains joint attack. With his army defeated, the heroes were able to get to Attuma, they defeated the Warlord and then jailed him at the Avengers Academy, his minions tried to free him, but they were unable to, ending up retreating from the conflict.[1]

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